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Whether you run, dance, do yoga, hit the circuit at the gym, hike, or ride, you’ll know the pain of earphone cords. As a runner I get insanely frustrated by the tugging and pulling and tangling, and constantly trying to keep the buds tucked in my ear. It is distracting and tends to take away from sense of freedom you get when you’re out on the road or trying to find inner stillness on a yoga mat.

Recently quite a few brands have brought out cordless earphones to speak to exactly this need, and they continue to get smarter so that our lives can become easier.

Samsung has just announced the launch of their Gear IconX cord-free earphones in South Africa, which can play music and track your fitness data, on its own. “We began by envisioning a standalone device that could function simultaneously as a music player and fitness tracker and provide real-time exercise data,” explains Sanghyun Kim, Samsung Mobile Enhancement Team Manager.

The earbuds have their own 4GB internal storage (that’s 1000 songs!). This means you can listen to your favourite music when you’re exercising, without the need for your phone tucked somewhere in an awkward pants pocket or arm pouch that is forever slipping down or chafing your skin.

The Gear IconX are activated by placing them in your ear. You then tap or swipe the earbuds to control the music. According to Jiho Lee, Assistant Manager on the Samsung Mobile Enhancement Team, The Gear IconX is capable of running for 3.8 hours in Standalone Mode and 1.6 hours when streaming from a smartphone.

It has its own heart rate monitor with voice guided fitness training that will give you feedback while you are working out. I love it! The earbuds will also track fitness data such as distance, speed, duration, heart rate and calories burned, and then syncs with the Samsung S Health app on your phone.

According to the press announcement the earbuds are lightweight and will fit securely into your ear, with three different size eartips and wingtips. They are also dust and water resistant.

Samsung has launched a storage case for the earbuds that doubles up as a charger, so your earphones get juiced up while they’re not in use. Nice.

These little babies don’t come cheap though. They will set you back a cool R3 499. Still, I think I’ll put them on my Christmas wish list and hope Santa is feeling generous this year.


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