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We can each help make the world a better place through our choices. Buying responsibly-made clothing, using cruelty-free beauty, and eating sustainable produce. You might think it is a drop in the ocean but little by little you are forcing brands, retailers and restaurants to supply according to that demand.

I think it’s becoming clear that we all have to be responsible consumers,  and by eating green we can to preserve the world for future generations. Our oceans are under incredible pressure and so many seafood species are facing extinction, including certain types of prawns and crayfish that continue to appear on restaurant menus. The sooner you stop ordering it, the sooner they’ll stop selling it.

So the next time you visit a restaurant, ask where their produce comes from. By choosing green you’re nudging the industry into the right direction.

The SASSI Trailblazer Awards celebrates those local chefs who are supporting sustainable fishing by using seafood that appears on the SASSI green list. Aside from doing their bit for Mother Earth, they also happen to make some seriously delicious food, so you can head there for some guilt-free indulgence.

Here are your SASSI Trailblazers for 2017

Giles Edwards from La Tete, Bree Street

Phil Alcock from Seabreeze Fish & Shell, Bree Street

Massimo from Massimo’s, Hout Bay

Robert Giljam from Societi Bistro, Orange Street

Julie Carter from Ocean Jewels

Graham Neilson from 9th Avenue Bistro, Durban

John McArdle from The Big Mouth

Congrats to all the chefs who were nominated and those who got the final honours. Every little bit helps!

Remember to download the SASSI app to check whether the seafood you eat is sustainable.

Main pic: From left – Chef Brad Ball, Group Executive Chef for Harbour House Group; Sias Tabami, Head Chef at Harbour House V&A Waterfront; Gile Edwards from La Tete; Phil Alcock from Seabreeze; SJulie Carter from Ocean Jewels; Robert Giljam from Societi Bistro; and Massimo from Massimo’s Hout Bay.


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