After serving simple, fresh food to locals and tourists for the past seven years, SCHOON (also known as Schoon de Companje) is set to relocate to bigger premises with a focus on taking bread to the next level. An experimental kitchen, confectionery and small outlet shops are also on the cards.

Situated on the corner of Bird and Church Street, the popular restaurant has been run by husband and wife team, Fritz and Chanelle Schoon. Fritz founded SCHOON in 2010 when he opened Oude Bank Bakkerij, an artisanal bakery on the same premises. This expanded to include an artisanal ice cream shop, a wine boutique and coffee roastery. It became known as an eatery that supports small local producers and cares about sustainable agriculture.

For now, the Schoons are taking a break to plan the innovative space where they will nurture their creativity and produce quality food that improves the wellbeing of their customers. They also want to focus on the new addition to their family, Heidi-Luna, who is soon to arrive.

The building is now changing hands and becoming a part of the Boschendal wine and food  stable. CEO Rob Lundie says, “We are looking forward to continuing the great business and hospitality that Fritz and Chanelle have built on a foundation of serving and selling naturally produced and artisan food. We certainly won’t be messing with a successful formula and Stellenbosch locals can expect to continue enjoying their favourite food and flavours at De Oudebank.”

Boschendal Farm Estate (Pty) Ltd has a long-standing relationship with SCHOON as their supplier of fresh vegetables. The two companies found synergy in their approach and passion for sustainable agriculture.

The transition will take place over a period of five months. From 1 March, the Boschendal team will take over the management of SCHOON. By the end of July, there will be an official close and a rebrand.

SCHOON will continue to create delicious food from real ingredients. Fritz adds, “We love food, farming and production. It’s our calling and we have dedicated our lives to it.” On return after their hiatus, they plan to raise the bar and deliver more world-class quality products.

“Our customers have given purpose to our lives through their continuous support. They stuck with us through the good times and the challenging times. And there were plenty of both. We cannot thank them enough for this, from the bottom of our heart.” This formidable team is not saying goodbye. They are moving on to bigger and better things for SCHOON and its loyal customers.

SCHOON is set to become a platform where people can create positive change through quality food production. If you share their food philosophy and can contribute through production or retail, connect with SCHOON on


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