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The winter wind has got our skin looking a little dry and needing some TLC, which is why this week we’ve rounded up our favourite scrubs and exfoliants! Whether it’s for your hands, face, or whole body, we’ve got something that’ll help your skin feel smooth and silky without having to resort to extreme measures. So, take a look at this weeks roundup of our favourite beauty products. here is this week’s favourite beauty products!


Optiphi Body Foliant

R625 for 200ml,

I’m literally always on the hunt for products that can keep my entire body feeling hydrated. I’m heading to the Free State for the next couple of weeks, so have had to prep my skin for the far drier air there. For this week’s roundup, I chose the Optiphi Body Foliant, which is part of their Body Curve range. This double-action skin revealing exfoliant is a dual-action complex of chemical and enzymatic components that exfoliates your skin, removes dead skin cells and leaves you with super soft skin. It’s also quite a treat! There is nothing more relaxing than taking a steamy shower, exfoliating your body and face, and getting back into the shower for second rinse – some prime self-care time!


Elancyl Energizing Foaming Scrub

R155 for 150ml,

By now I’m sure most of you will know that I’m game for pretty much anything with natural, plant-based ingredients. So imagine my delight upon discovering the Energizing Foaming Scrub by Elancyl. Instead of the plastic microbeads than more conventional exfoliators make use of, this scrub uses apricot kernel powder, which makes it simultaneously better for both you and the environment.

I’m a massive fan of this scrub, not only because of its eco-conscious ingredients, but also because it’s the first scrub I’ve found that not only exfoliates, but also has a foaming action, which makes it feel as if you need a lot less of it to go further. Since I’ve started using it, I’ve definitely felt as though my skin has been smoother and softer, and it’s a definite addition to my weekly skincare routine.


Matsimela Spa Complete Spa Range Cooling Kalahari Salt Scrub

R95 for 200g,

This cooling Kalahari salt scrub from Matsimela is absolutely fantastic! I have always had problems with dry and chapped hands and feet during winter, and this scrub has changed everything for me. Technically it’s a foot scrub, but no one’s ever died from using a foot scrub on their hands, so I’ve been using it for double duty. As soon as you open the pot, a lovely, cooling peppermint scent hits you, relaxing you instantly. The Kalahari salt seems like it might be a bit rough on tired hands and feet, but as soon as I started using it, I scrubbed away all of my stress and tiredness.

The salt gently exfoliates the skin, while the cooling peppermint soothes and nourishes the skin, leaving the skin smooth and supple. And the best part — it doesn’t contain any plastic microbeads like some other exfoliators, and the salt dissolves in water, so you aren’t left with any nasty bits after using the scrub. All in all, I LOVE this product and will definitely keep using it until I’ve scraped the last crumbs from the pot.


Eco Diva Exfoliant Skin Polish

R380.00 for 50ml,

For some reason my pores were very blocked these past few weeks and needed a good old unblocking and renewal. I reached out for the Eco Diva Exfoliant standing on my table and gave it a go!

The Eco Diva Exfoliant is a natural product that is formulated with baobab seed powder, oats, rice and cranberry that feeds your skin with all the nutrients it needs to feel fresh and radiant again.I was amazed how it managed to remove all the dead skin cells that were looming in my skin!

Not only does my skin feel like it was brought back from the dead, but you can use this skin polish to prevent ingrown hairs developing after waxing, and in my book, that’s a really big thumbs-up!


Elizabeth Arden Prevage anti-aging treatment boosting cleanser

R635 for,

During this season of change, I’m taking the time to refresh my skin care routine. And exfoliating cleanser is a winner, giving my skin a chance to rejuvenate and offer it the nourishment it deserves. With gentle exfoliating bamboo beads and enzymes, a concoction of moisturising shea butter and emollients, as well as antioxidants and mushroom extracts, this boosting cleanser ticked all the boxes.

Not only was I swayed by its gorgeous fresh citrus scent, its lovely, light and creamy texture could build up as proper foam. This meant I could easily massage the cleanser around my face and dissolve the build up of left-over makeup, dirt, bacteria and pollutants, leaving my skin feeling clean, healthy and revitalised. While I am a tad wary about using some exfoliators, this exfoliating cleanser was not too harsh for my sensitive skin.

If you have an exfoliant or scrub that you’re loving right now, let us know in the comments below!


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