Self-improving hobbies I'm trying in 2019
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Every year around December or January, I unintentionally spend a lot of time reflecting on the person I am, the habits I have and what I would like to change about myself. With an entire year coming to an end we can’t help but measure how we performed in the last year, and have a fresh vision for ourselves in the new year.

Setting goals for the new year is obviously very important, as this urges us to grow and better ourselves. Personally, I always end up setting new year’s resolutions that I’m all too eager to start, but are way too high and unrealistic.

This year I decided on a different approach. Instead of making my annual list that I promise myself I will commit to, and never end up doing, I committed myself to trying out new, self-improving hobbies – ones that I would actually enjoy doing. Spending a certain amount of time every week on both stimulating or relaxing activities should be good enough, right?



My reason for choosing to spend more time cooking my own meals is that firstly, I spend A LOT of money on eating out. I’m sure that if I had to add up the amount it would be about 40% of my salary. And secondly, because if I cook my own meals it would definitely be a lot more nutritious. So, this also means a healthier version of myself this year.

As I have time-constraints working a full-time job and am usually super lazy when I get home, I decided to try out UCook this year. Conveniently delivering the ingredients and recipes for three meals a week, this makes it super easy for me to avoid take out options. And, it’s also very easy to male in about 30-40 minutes

Not having to go to the shops and decide on what I feel like eating for three meals per week also does wonders for my frustration levels – I’m an incredibly indecisive person and usually want to start crying when I visit shops.


Painting/ Reading

Both of the above-mentioned activities are things I actually really enjoy doing, but never make time for. I used to have art as a subject in school and would paint a lot. But since I have finished school, I have neglected my artistic needs. This is the same case with reading. I’ve probably only read five books in the past four years (apart from my study material at uni).

I’m a generally an anxious person and have a lot of trouble sleeping at nights, so spending time before bed painting, drawing or reading instead of browsing through social media, has helped me unwind and sleep better.


Yoga / Walking

Something I really wanted to learn to love this year is yoga, or even just the habit of moving everyday – whether it’s going for a walk or a swim in the dam. But life happened and I have basically turned my once-a-day into once-a-week.

Being outdoors enough is very important to me and going for a hike is something I really enjoy doing (if the path is not too challenging). I’ve gone on two hikes this year and just find it to be a great way to end a week and let go of some stress from a higher viewpoint.

I recently discovered a 20-minute yoga program that I may just continue doing for the rest of the month. With about 20 poses in 20 minutes – a 40 second pose with a 20 second break between each, I found this a good way to work and relax my body. And, I didn’t even dread doing the program! After following the program three times in the past week I already feel more relaxed and in touch with my body.

Have you picked up any hobbies this month?


Lover of red wine and music. Trying to live more consciously in my day to day life.

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