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Let’s be honest, we all live for that part of the day that allows you to unhook your bra and fling it to the other end of the room. As women in today’s day and age we like to break the glass ceiling and what better way than to go braless for the day.

Now, some of you may be panicking because why on earth would I do that, “everyone knows boobs sag” when you’re not wearing a bra, or it’s more difficult to do things braless. Well , today, I am going to set your worries and your boobies free! Let’s debunk some of the most ridiculous and often spread boob myths and going braless. 

Boobs Myth 1:

Sleeping with a bra gives you more support and stops sagging.

This is actually 100% up to you to decide. There is actually no scientific evidence to support this claim. Real things that can actually affect your puppies are breast feeding, pregnancy and just plain gravity. It is all about personal preference. That being said, it’s probably way more comfortable and creates less washing if you don’t. Free the puppies, ladies!

Boobs Myth 2:

Knowing your bra size means any and all bra types will fit you.

Surprisingly, this one is false! Your bra size depends on multiple factors such as body shape (because we are all unique, and beautifully so), bra style as well as cup sizes on different brands. You should be fitted for every bra and bra style that you like to ensure a perfect fit.. Sound like too much effort? Try this neat little trick when you go bra shopping next time, and ask your shop assistant to measure you in two completely different styles and brands – who knows, you might just be surprised by what you find!

Boobs Myth 3:

Wearing padded bras daily protects your boobs from sagging.

Well, if you wear it on a daily basis, the opposite is actually true. The padding in padded- and push up bras knead the breast tissue in a really unnatural manner which affects the lymph tissue over an extended period of time. It could actually cause sagging if your tissue hasn’t been given a break.

Boobs Myth 4:

Washing your bras in the washing machine will destroy them.

Okay this one we believe a little, as it’s only natural for wear and tear to happen during a full cycle in the machine – it’s not the gentlest of processes. The general suggestion is to hand wash your delicates, but honestly who has time for that? As long as you are okay with regularly replacing your bra – or getting yourself a bra bag for the machine to lessen the wear and tear – I think I’m okay with tossing my bra in the machine after a long day.

Boobs Myth 5:

Going braless will leave you with less perky boobs.

Bras have zero effect on how perky or saggy they are. The muscles in your boobs actually lose shape over time due to gravity and bad posture, which means that going braless and doing a few chest based exercises on a daily basis might be better than sporting your delicates 24/7.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to try this, maybe once a week? Sort of a meatless Monday idea, but instead of cutting meat, you cut the boobies loose!

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