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Shopping local is a wonderful way to find unique and conveniently available products. I find that things that are locally manufactured tend to be better quality than the items in larger commercial shops and I would definitely pay the extra bit to support the people in our community. From leather bags to woven baskets, there are so many great options when it comes to buying local goods and I’m loving how creative some of these businesses are being.

Here are a few of our favourite local shops in the area:

Jane Sews
Jane sews is a slow fashion label that designs artisan clothing, leather footwear and accessories. The minimalistic design of their leather sandals and boots makes it a great option for any occasion, as it can fit your day-to-day style and easily be worn to work as well. This is the perfect place when looking for simplistic and comfortable wear that will last a bit longer.

If you’re keen on toxin-free, natural and soft face products – Skoon is an amazing place to start. The team at Skoon has found a way to combine nature and science to create effective skincare for a glowing and healthy skin. Big plus – they don’t test on animals, which makes us love them even more! If you have dry skin during winter and need some extra TLC– try adding a few drops of the Glowdrops concentrate to your moisturiser – it’s life-changing! For more local beauty products worth trying – follow this link.

Freedom of Movement
These guys only started a few years ago and have already gained massive recognition. Their classic leather products are high quality and not very difficult to spot in the streets of Stellenbosch. Freedom of Movement started with leather bags, but their range has grown into timepieces, footwear and even sunglasses. The products may be a bit pricey but will surely last for years to come.

Blu Betty
Blu Betty manufactures authentic leather shoes in South Africa. Their quirky and authentically designed footwear are perfect to add something unique to any outfit. They have a wide variety of designs available on their website, so whether you’re looking for cute sandals or classic vellies, you’ll be likely to find something you like.

Move Pretty
For pretty and comfortable active wear, the perfect place to start looking is Move Pretty. The athleisure brand recently opened a branch in Stellenbosch and we’re loving their trendy, floral-printed designs. They have kids activewear, as well as MovePreggy options, available for the soon-to-be moms! The Winter 2018 #beLEAVE range features items with darker-coloured floral prints, which is beautiful.

Mia Mélange
Mia Mélange is a small studio hidden in the alley behind All Good Things in Ryneveld Street, Stellenbosch. When passing by, I always walk a bit slower to take a look at their beautiful handcrafted products, which include woven baskets, planters and bowls. The products are woven from natural, local materials and you can see how it’s being made in the studio.


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