Okay, it’s about time I do something with my hair. In fact, I’m in desperate need of a new look. While I have grown attached to my long locks, I have about 5 months worth of regrowth and my ends have become somewhat straggled and wild, knotting and catching onto just about everything. With the 2019 Autumn/ Winter season bringing in a trendy twist on classic ways to style the tresses, I looked for some inspiration to see if I should change my hairstyle and go for a drastic cut, fresh colour shade or a different styling option. Here are a few of my favourite hair trends from this season that may sway me to chop and change my hairstyle.

Colour me crazy

Ice-Queen, Yass-Queen!

A snow-white blonde, the Scandi blonde look is here to rule. And I must admit, I may be seduced. Especially because I’ve done the Khaleesi-like tresses before and loved how the clean icy blonde tone complimented my fair skin. The only thing holding me back now is the fact that I know it will cost a small fortune to touch up my roots, not to mention all the hair products it will take to keep my bleached hair well moisturised.


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Welcoming the colours of Autumn

This season I am also seeing warmer blonde tones brought into the picture. Thanks to its beautiful golden shades, I’m a fan of the warm blonde look. A balayage full-head colour undertones juxtaposed with neutral highlights, this is an elegant natural blonde look will work well with my current multi-coloured blonde hair.


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For something more fun and funky, I could also go for some berry boom, or a fiery blast of strawberry, ginger or copper reds. While these tones are tempting, and will suit my complexion, I know that I’m probably not brave enough to pull it off. Change can be a good thing, though, right?


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Embracing the dirty blonde look

Just in, the low maintenance hair trend has been taken to the next level. Regrowth is now hip and cool. I’ve spotted a few of our favourite celebs sporting their darker roots that have gradually grown out from bleach-blonde ends. This will be an easy option for me. I just need to own it!


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Snip snip

Feeling a cut above the rest with a unisex crop

Now if I really wanted to make a statement, I could chop off my long mane, donate it to cancer and go for a bold pixie cut. Although this textured crop will probably offset my small features remarkably well and make me feel badass, I will most probably mourn my locks.


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A 70’s revival, the blunt bob is back

With the likes of Kendell Jenner and Karlie Gloss showing off their sleeker and sharper short hair, the mid-length boyfriend bob has been taken to the next level. A more precise, above the shoulder cut, that drapes halfway between the ears and the nape of the neck, this ultra chic cut works wonders for the bone structure and can easily be modelled to faces in all shapes and sizes. So, if styled correctly, this could be the cut for me. My hair will feel lighter, knot free and will save me some time in the shower. Also, not as drastic as the pixie cut, so I probably won’t feel as sad parting with so much hair. Should I go for it?


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Curtain fringe

While we are still reminiscing about 70’s glam, the stage has opened with the curtain fringe, which basically describes a grown-out full fringe that has been parted in the centre, offset with a textured cut. While I haven’t had a proper fringe since I was about 5 years old, I’m keen to try it out! A sweeping fringe framing my face could enhance bone structure and give my hair a  lift my hair as it tends to hang a bit flat at the moment.


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Silky smooth waves

Glamourous soft curls that fall effortlessly in layers are making waves at the moment. Luckily my hair is wavy and sometimes decides to curl, so with a loose layered cut that frames the face, I could definitely try to pull off this look.


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Hairstyling it up

My go-to hairstyle is pulling back half of my hair into a messy bun. And it works for me for the most part. While my hair still feels loose and carefree, a good chunk of it is out of my way. But, I must say, I am getting darn bored of this hairstyle. So, I’m going to try my hand at a few different hairstyles. I have spotted the loose pony style and elaborate tightly woven plaits on the runway, both of which are quick and easy to master, and will work well with my long tresses.


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Have you recently changed your hairstyle? Feel free to share your hair story in the comment section below.


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