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I have a soft spot for a beautiful floral fragrance. A delicate rose scent makes me feel elegant and feminine, while a juicy, fruity floral perfume always adds a touch of fun to my day. I recently discovered three new floral scents that will appeal to those with a love for something sparkling and playful.

Take a look.

Si Rose Signature Eau de Parfum Collector Edition

R1 634 for 50ml, select department stores

Giorgio Armani Si Rose Siganture Liezel Malherbe 9Lives

This is the latest addition to the Sì fragrance collection and will definitely appeal to fans of the previous releases.

The scent has a double rose accord, with May rose and Turkish rose joined by bright flashes of mandarin and bergamot, as well as soft freesia and juicy blackcurrant.

The first impression is bright and juicy, followed by the opulent and velvety rose notes at the heart, and finally drying down to warm amber, vanilla, wood and patchouli. It makes me think of a rose garden in spring; sweet, juicy, playful and feminine.

I think the bottle is equally lovely. This version has a silky, soft pink ribbon draped over the front, referencing the neckline of a couture gown, with a black button at the center like a piece of jewellery.

I think the Si Rose Signature is a gorgeous addition to the Sì line.

Elie Saab Le Parfum Resort Collection (Limited Edition)

R1 110 for 50ml, select department stores

Elie Saab Le Parfum Resort Collection 9Lives 1

This new limited edition from Elie Saab takes their classic Le Parfum and wraps it in sparkling, juicy notes. First impressions first, the bottle makes me think of a tropical sunset with a coral red gradient, and a faceted glass shape that catches light as you move it.

Feelings of beach getaways and cocktail parties carry through when you smell the juice. It kicks off with zesty, juicy notes of mandarin and frangipani, followed by a tangy heart dominated by pomegranate, jasmine and orange blossom. And then it settles to a softer scent with a lingering note of Patchouli.

If you like fruity floral fragrances, you will love this.

Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary Pétale

R1 395 for 90ml Eau de Parfum, Dis-Chem

Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary Petale Liezel Malherbe 9Lives 4

This is the latest addition to the Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary line, and it brings a fresh dash of whimsy and modern elegance to the table. I find it delightful, fun and fresh, but also soft and appealing.

You’ll catch zesty mandarin and bergamot on the top notes, followed by a soft and seductive heart of rose, orange flower and jasmine. Then on the dry down you’re left with amber, vanilla and musk. Lovely.

I must also give a nod to the packaging. The carton draws inspiration from Peter Copping’s spring 2016 collection, combining feminine lace details with pops of vibrant colour. In this case, first impressions do count.

Which fragrances have you been loving? Share your recommendations in the comments below, I would love to hear from you.


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