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What comes to mind when you think of exfoliation? Scrubbing with a face wash? Cleansing with a gel with the consistency of rough sea salt? That’s what I thought too! Skin Functional’s Mandelic Tonic had some interesting surprises in store for me.

For many years I thought stripping away pieces of dead skin and impurities could only be done with a facial scrub or applying a face mask with a noticeable burning and tingle (not good if you have limited knowledge of skincare and active ingredients). Recently I learned that exfoliation can be a lot more gentle and less hands-on.

Let me explain

Exfoliating is, as I’ve mentioned, the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin using a chemical, granular substance, or exfoliation tool. In other words, there are quite a number of ways to get rid of dry, flaky patches and clogged pores. The method you choose depends largely on the condition and level of sensitivity of your skin, and your preference towards the ingredients included in a product or method.

Skin Functional’s Mandelic Tonic is a gentle exfoliator, meaning it is suitable for sensitive skin. It contains keratolytic and bactericidal properties which regulate the sebaceous glands, in other words the part of your skin that produces oil. The Mandelic Tonic is therefore also suitable as an adjunctive treatment for acne. It is also alcohol, fragrance and silicone free – music to people with sensitive skins’ ears!

I started using the Mandelic Tonic two months after finishing a course of Oratane. Oratane got rid of stubborn, painful acne, but my skin tone and complexion suffered. I developed strange small little bumps on my cheek and chin, while the Oratane sucked all the radiance and glow from my complexion. My skin also begged for some hydration. 

Along with a range of hydrating skincare products, I started using the Mandelic Tonic every second evening. After cleansing, I applied it with a cotton round, followed by a night cream and serum. Gradually I started using it every evening and the results were amazing. 

With the Mandelic Tonic being a great adjunctive treatment for acne and suitable for sensitive skin, I found its gentle exfoliating properties to be just the thing my skin needed after a tumultuous Oratane journey. The skin on my cheeks feel smoother to the touch and I definitely see more color and vibrancy in my complexion. 

Even though my skin has now mostly recovered, this gentle exfoliator is a staple in my routine. I am very hesitant to resort back to heavy, coarse facial scrubs or chemical exfoliants but that is of course a personal preference. I’d advise anyone to really get to know their skin and put in the time to determine what works best for them. 

Skin Functional’s Mandelic Tonic is a great place to start though…


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