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What feels like two lifetimes ago, March 2020 to be exact, my life (and I assumed yours as well) looked quite different. Feeling quite stressed, I headed to Skin Renewal in Stellenbosch to give their new Hydratouch facial a try, just a week before my wedding. It was a deliciously, luxurious pamper moment just before the big day. But that evening I sat down to watch our President declare a state of emergency and lockdown, and my heart dropped.

Fast forward a few months, and we survived both level 5 and level 4 lockdown. After much deliberation salons were able to reopen and thousands of people, especially women, could return to their jobs. I sat down to write of my experience with the Hydratouch facial and realised that I cannot remember a thing. I distinctly remember the initial pandemic panic, the postponement of my wedding, and hurrying to the countryside to spend level 5 elsewhere, but the facial which my fiance says I described as “super-soothing” was just lost.

I therefore just had to go for a second one – clever, right?! – and just as I had to postpone my wedding for a second time, I headed back to Skin Renewal in Stellenbosch for their Hydratouch facial, but also to see how they are coping in this new reality that we are facing.

Hydratouch… So, it’s probably super moisturising?

Yes, but that’s not all. The entire facial is actually just one relaxing journey to brighten the skin. It moisturises, relaxes, renews and rejuvenates. The treatment adds loads of antioxidants that not only moisturises but also reduces inflammation in the skin.

The treatment is recommended for all skin types and is presented as an all-in-one solution. I have combination skin, and therefore my cheeks can get quite dry especially in winter. Immediately after the facial, I could already see a reduction in redness, especially around the cheek area. What I also really liked about the facial is that there is no downtime, you can immediately see the change, and I left the salon with my skin glowing.

I’d definitely recommend the Hydratouch facial if you have an event or special occasion coming up. Aside from the fact that the Skin Renewal team goes out of their way to make you feel relaxed, you leave the salon with your skin not only looking great, but also feeling soft, moisturised and plump.

Is it safe to now visit a salon?

I really have to commend the team at the Stellenbosch branch for their adherence to the social distancing and sanitisation principles. They send you a questionnaire to fill out beforehand and remind you to remove all jewellery and to wear your mask upon arrival. Once at the salon, your hands are sanitised, you are given shoe covers and your temperature is taken.

They have removed decor items from their therapy rooms to ensure that they can maintain strict sanitisation protocols, and the team guides you in when you are able to remove your mask and when not. They have also moved their retail section to be exclusively online which ensures that only the bare minimum of feet through the salon.


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