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Before I became a mom, I remember preaching that I would always make time for myself. My beauty routine was my daily spoil, when I could pamper my skin and take a moment to pause. Then my baby girl was born and I realised that her needs were a lot more full-time than I could have imagined.

My day involves a 5am wakeup to get her fed and changed, I have to pump milk and get to work on time and head back for her lunch feed and back to the office and shop for groceries and head back for her afternoon feed and prep her meals and feed her dinner and give her a bath and put her to bed before cooking dinner for myself before catching up on emails and heading to bed.

Now me-time involves spoils like eating a hot dinner, going to the bathroom in peace, and catching up on much-needed sleep. I’m still serious about taking care of my skin but I don’t have time or energy for an overly complicated process. I need minimum products with maximum results.

This was the challenge I put to the team at Optiphi and they delivered a line of high potency products that really meet my skin needs. I have been using a range from the Optiphi Delta line, which was developed as a collaborative project between plastic surgeons, aesthetic practitioners, chemists, geneticists and biomedical engineers, led by Dr Markus Depfenhart, a prominent German plastic surgeon and key opinion leader for aesthetic procedures.

I have always struggled with dry, sensitive skin and since I’m dipping into my 30s, ageing is becoming a growing concern of mine. They recommended their Delta Urban line, which tackles the stress caused by UVA/UVB exposure and pollution, and daily stressors.

The routine starts with the multi-tasking Optiphi Delta Exfoliating Cleanser, which works to gently cleanse and also refine any rough texture by removing dead skin cells. This preps the skin for the active ingredients in the following products. At first I was worried that a daily exfoliating cleanser would leave my skin very dry but this product is super gentle.

Optiphi Delta Exfoliating Cleanser 9LivesOptiphi Delta Post Stress Serum 9Lives

The Post Stress Serum is applied twice a day after cleansing and before moisturizing. It’s one of my favourite products in this line, working to reduce redness and irritation and helping to counter the damage caused by UVA/UVB rays and pollution. Not only does it soothe my skin, but it also helps to reduce the appearance of pigmentation.

Next in line is the Daily Hydration Moisturiser, which boosts moisture levels and also helps to support the skin’s barrier function. I suffer from eczema, which means that my skin barrier is often very thin, and moisture easily escapes. This moisturiser made such a difference, strengthening my skin’s barrier with a combination of lipids, fatty acids, ceramides and cholesterol. It also further boosts antioxidant activity to protect my skin against free-radical damage.

Optiphi Delta Daily Hydration 9Lives

Optiphi Delta Eye Gel 9Lives

The Eye Gel has been another lifesaver. It targets dark circles and helps to reduce puffiness, boosts collagen formation to strengthen the skin and reduce those early signs of ageing. The skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face, which is why the first signs of dehydration and ageing usually show here first.

And last but not least, SPF. I’m a firm believer that you should invest in the best quality sunscreen you can afford. You want to look for something that offers sun protection activity with powerful antioxidants that can neutralise free-radical damage in the skin. The Protection SPF 30 is especially clever, with a combination of physical and chemical sunscreens, and antioxidants, which all work together to protect the skin against UVA, infrared radiation, and pollution.

Optiphi Delta Sun Daily Protection SPF 30 9Lives

I can honestly say that my skin is in such a happy place since I started using these products.
After only a month I’m already seeing such a difference. My skin feels more balanced and comfortable, and I’m noticing that healthy-looking glow.

I’m excited about the fact that the range is uncomplicated but powerful, while tackling the specific concerns I face. It’s exactly what this busy mama needs in her life right now.

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  1. Catherine Dippenaar Reply

    These sound so good! I have dry to combination skin. My forehead and chin being a bit oily but the rest of my face is very dry. Fine lines started to show around my mouth and under my eyes because of dry skin. I sometimes get a bit of a breakout and struggle with pigmentations and daily damage to the skin because of pollution etc. Even when i wear a good sunscreen, my skin still needs TLC at the end of the day when i cleanse my face. So reading about The Post Stress Serum, i got all giddy and thought that it sounds perfect for my needs. Definitely putting it on my wish list.

    • I am a stay at home mom that go constantly in the sun doing chores,I have really dry , sensitive skin ,sun damage and struggle with heat rash and eczema would love to win this opportunity

      • Carolyn Augustus Reply

        My skin is extremely dry but gets very oily when applying the wrong products. My biggest concerns at the moment are pigmentation and fine lines. Daily Hydration Moisturiser

    • I need a moisturiser thats ia going to leave my skin hydrated without making it oily. The Daily Hydration Moisturiser would be perfect

    • Brenda Fernandes Reply

      The eyegel I have been using eye cream since my 30’s and I can see the difference between myself and friends my age .I’m at the stage that I feel my skin thinning and .
      #Optiphi Delta skincare I think we need each other

  2. Celeste Booysen Reply

    I am in my mid 40’s and my skin is pretty much similar to yours with being Dry and Sensitive. I really like the sound of the Post Stress serum as it seems to tick all the boxes for my needs especially because I also really battle with some minor pigmentation and sun damage that I try an address in my product choices.

  3. Carla van Der Westhuizen Reply

    Since turning 30 and becoming a mum, my skin has def taken a turn for the worse. There are now definite lines, it feels constantly dry and there are a few dark spots appearing. I have to make sure to take off my make up EVERY NIGHT. Slather moisturizer on. And use good quality products. Gosh I like the sound of that Post Stress Serum!! Would LOVE to try these products!

  4. I am a first time Mommy to a 7 week old beautiful baby boy. I still lie awake staring at him and his father, overwhelmed at what a perfect, gorgeous little person we created. Its unexplainable how much love you hold, so much that your heart could burst. My 9 month pregnancy was incredible, the most special bonding time with my little one. I felt I wanted to keep him safe and protect him for the rest of my life. I ate only wholesome, healthy meals as excersized regularly and drank plenty of water. However, the hormones took a toll on my skin. I went a shade darker and my pores exploded with huge pimples. It didnt bother me much. It took only 2 days after giving birth that my complexion returned to normal but I look really drained and stressed, especially with the 2 hourly night feeds. I so need this treatment, the Post Stress Serum to reduce redness and irritation and helping to counter the damage caused by UVA/UVB rays and pollution. Id love to soothe my skin and reduce the appearance of pigmentation and feel confident again to step out into the world with my baby boy.

  5. Hayley Koster Reply

    The Optiphi Delta skin care range, sounds perfect for my sensitive skin. My skin is dry & on very hot days it gets oily around my nose, cheeks & forehead. I have tried numerous, Skin care products, by various brands but nothing works. The Post Stress Serum could be my skins, next best friend, for redness & irritation, that I always have a problem with. Would be awesome to win this fabulous prize… lovely skin… fantastic life 💖

  6. Cirsten Van Den Heuvel Reply

    The post stress serum looks amazing. I have first signs of aging with pigmentation starting and little age spots starting under my eyes. Skin is dull and a bit tired looking lately

  7. Post Stress Serum is exactly what I need at my age now nearing 48years. I struggle with pigmentations scars and age spots and this will work wonders on my face. My skin is dull and feels tired and dried out. Fine crows feet lines around my eyes and lips are starting to become a problem too. Eye cream would also benefit me. I work in a air con practice and drink lots of water throughout my day to prevent dehydration. But I need this awesome product to help me look and feel younger and confident. #Win with Optiphi Delta Range.

  8. Monique Mentoor Reply

    I am a working mum to 2 kids under 6 years old. To say I have neglected my skin in recent years is an understatement. I have combination/oily skin that is in serious need of a moisture surge and lots of tlc. The Daily Hydration Moisturiser sounds like it could revitalise and rejuvenate my dull skin.

  9. Optiphi Delta Exfoliating Cleanser sounds like something I would want to try. I have a dry skin with a lot of pigmentation. I dont know what to use anymore.

    • Brenda Ashley Reply

      Over the years especially from my intro into my 30’s I noticed that I was slowly developing some pigment here and there and it has now sort of been a issue that I hate to live with.

      The pigmentation is mostly around my T-Zone on my face, with slight dryness on my skin in winter, reading this insightful article I believe The #Optiphi Post Stress Serum is my answer to a beautiful, moisturized yet pigmentation free skin – a luxe “holy grail” serum to a beautiful me.

      #Optiphi #9lives #9livesSA

  10. Tamy Botha Reply

    OMW! The post stress serum sounds amazing! I struggle with redness, irritation and pigmentation! After my hysterectomy earlier this year it just got a bit worse! So I think this products sounds like it could work!

  11. I am mid 30’s and still struggle with breakouts every so often – i am very active so there is the sweat that plays a part too – I was never taught proper skin care so I wash with a basic face wash and I put a simple face cream on. I have combination skin, most days its super dry and flakes in some parts – I would love to try the exfoliation cleanser – actually, the whole range looks amazing!

  12. Letesha Fionna Korasie Reply

    I have extremely dry skin and I break out when i use certain products. Also I’m ageing (39 Wow) and heard that I need to use some serums and anti-ageing products but i haven’t found anything that works on my skin, especially with old acne scars. I would love to try out the Post stress Serum.

    • Deserisé Cocklin-Viljoen Reply

      Daily Hydration Moisturise. I struggle with fine lines as well as eczema. This will be a wonderful gift.

  13. Justine Kroes Reply

    The Post Stress Serum sounds like the type of serum my skin needs, pigmentation and fine lines are a growing skin concern!

  14. Alecia Alexander Reply

    Would definitely love to try the Optiphi Delta Exfoliating Cleanser. I have dry, flaky skin and dark spots as well. Need this amazing product to brighten and cleanse my face. Especially during this upcoming summer weather. Sounds like a product that will definitely work wonders on my skin. Fingers crossed!


      I’m in my early 40’s and my skin is really taking a knock.. Despite trying various products.. Top of the list is the onset of adult/hormonal acne.. I’m also quite concerned about my uneven skin tone/pigmentation as well as acne scars.. The Optiphi range sounds great.. Especially the Post Stress Serum

  15. LINDIE Roos Reply

    Protection SPF30 sounds like it might meet my needs whith physical and chemical barrier combination. I am pregnant with number for and with very sunsensitive skin so allready have some sun damage and pigmentation after each pregnancy so need all protection I can get!

  16. Tania van Zyl Reply

    My skin is dehydrated, I have pugmentation and with hormones all over (I’m 52) I get the odd breakout now and again. And the the wrinkles wrinkles wrinkles!
    Optiphi Eye gel is a product that I need – will assist with dark circles and puffiness as well as collagen production, which I soooo need at age 52!

    • I need a moisturiser thats ia going to leave my skin hydrated without making it oily. The Daily Hydration Moisturiser would be perfect

  17. Lynnith Andreou Reply

    The post stress serum.
    I have forty something skin, and need to care for it a little extra these days

    • Nicola Meyer Reply

      I like the Eye Gel for targeting dark circles and puffiness. I sometimes have dry skin and I have slight lines around my eyes.

  18. Michelle van Vuuren Reply

    I recently turned 50 …loving it….have great skin …just noticing the start of sagging on my jawline :(OPTIPHI – Dermintense Active Gel. A powerful retinol free product that assists in the prevention and improvement of the 7 signs of aging. Ideal for skins presenting signs of sagging, fine lines……Sounds just like what would do the trick 🙂

    Thanks xx

    Love and light….fingers crossed!

  19. Redewaan Williams Reply

    This should could would be awesome early Christmas gift from you to me to my wife. The routine of following the Optiphi Delta skincare should be stress free

  20. Martie Schoeman Reply

    I have such a dry skin, need hydration all the time. The Optiphi Daily Hydration Moisturiser will just be the perfect moisuriser for my skin and I would love to try this.

  21. Liezel Thomas Reply

    I really need hydration and skin is dull. The Post Stress Serum sounds amazeballs!

  22. I can really relate to your article Liezel. As a mother of two who has also recently turned 40, I can really do with some help to care for my skin and concerns like fine lines and dark circles under my eyes as well as hydration that is suitable for sensitive skin. The Daily Hydration Moisturiser and Eye gel sound perfect.

  23. Marisa Crous Reply

    Protection SPF 30! I need more good SPF in my life. I am a travel writer and constantly out and about. I have now realised how quickly sunscreen runs out, and am very focused on using it every day on my face, neck and hands in particular. Would love this prize so I can keep my skin happy and healthy for many adventures to come! x

    • Dry and dull skin in need of a bit of TLC. The daily hydration moisturiser sounds perfect

  24. I would love to try The Post Stress Serum! Pigmentation and elasticity are concerns.

  25. Optiphi Protection SPF 30. I have a combination skin type which tend to get dry on my cheeks and oily on my T-zone. It is a struggle to find skincare to satisfy my skin concerns.

  26. I can really relate to your article Liezel. As a mother of two who has also recently turned 40, I can really do with some help to care of my skin and concerns like fine lines and dark circles under my eyes as well as hydration that is suitable for sensitive skin. The Daily Hydration Moisturiser and Eye gel sound perfect.

  27. As a teen I had a problem skin that has left scars and pigmentation marks down the sides of my cheeks and jawline. I think the Optiphi Scar Corrector would be able to deal with this issue.

  28. As a teen I had a problem skin that has left scars and pigmentation marks down the sides of my cheeks and jawline. I think the Optiphi Scar Corrector would be able to deal with this issue.

  29. All of the products sounds AMAZING. I have very dry skin and is always on the lookout for a good hydrating day, as well as a night cream. The Daily Hydration cream sounds like it will do wonders for my skin!

  30. I have very dry skin and is always on the lookout for a good hydrating day, as well as a night cream. The Daily Hydration cream sounds like it will do wonders for my skin!

  31. Hello! I suffer from dry skin, especially after Winter, which then turns into sensitive skin in some areas of my face.
    I would love to try the Daily Hydration Moisturiser. Lastly, I was thrilled to find Eyesigns Active Gel after years of trying to find something for my puffy eyes. Best product ever! It really works. I would love to try the Delta Eye Gel – I have a lot of faith that it might work just as well if not better.

  32. Hi. Great review . I would like to try the Eye Gel , since i always have dark circles & am starting to see the first signs of aging.

    My skin in normal most seasons, slightly dry in winter. Sensitive , with hormonal breakouts & eczema due to stress.

  33. Andreia Jones Reply

    I work extremely long hours and my work mostly gets done outside a building, so my skin is always exposed to all elements of nature, wind, sun let’s not forget dust and humidity. I always look tired so I need a skin care regime that will not only nourish my skin but rejuvenate it at night when I sleep and protect it during the day when I’m out and about.
    The one product that caught my eye was the POST STRESS SERUM.

  34. Suzette Viviers Reply

    I have an ageing skin with sun damage.
    It is essential for me to avoid any more sundamage and to have a good moisturiser.
    Protection SPF 30 sounds like the perfect product.

  35. Protection SPF 30
    I am a runner and outdoors in the sun a lot. To find a sunblock that does not make my skin break out is difficult. A good cleanser is also essential since I sweat a lot and dust accumilates when doing dirt roads. Then a moisturiser that hydrates after losing so much moisture during running. Lastly, sun spots! I have not found a product that can make them disapear.

  36. Initially my skin concerns were around aging and fine lines. But early peri-menopause had brought on crazy hormones and a whole new set of skin challenges. Now I have the added joy of adult rosacea which is next to impossible to keep under control. Post Stress Serum could help.

  37. Jonell van der Westhuizen Reply

    I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and due to hormonal changes I often experience breakouts which I never had before – HELP! Quite worried that I will end up with pigmentation marks later on and I believe The Post Stress Serum sounds like the miracle worker in the range that would assist with this issue. Would absolutely LOVE to win!! 🙂

  38. Coba Jordaan Reply

    All of the products look amazing! It sounds like the Daily Hydration Moisturizer would be the perfect solution for my dry skin

  39. Altie Griffiths Reply

    I am a huge fan of the Optiphi range. It makes all the difference to the quality and texture of my skin as I am getting older. I would love to progress to the Delta range, especially to try the Daily Hydration Moisturiser to boost moisture levels and improve my skin barrier.

  40. Amanda Mthembu Reply

    I would love the Protection SPF 30, because my skin gets damaged by the sun easily

  41. All the products sound amazing. My biggest skin concern is dehydration and sun protection as I am outdoors almost every day, whether for work, also being an aquatics official and I play lawn bowls. My skin could really do with the use of these excellent products to ensure that my skin is hydrated and protected at all times.

    Protection SPF 30

  42. Wow, the Delta Line products sound superb to use! My concerns are sun damage, dehydration, pigmentation and those dreaded wrinkles. Although I use good products to help combat the problems, it would be amazing to try more targeted products to get really great results but alas I cannot afford their heavy price tags they come with.

    Post Stress Serum

  43. Lisa-Ann Stieger Reply

    I also suffer from eczema on my face so I’m really concerned about dry skin. I’m over 40 so also showing signs of aging and sun damage. I’ve read some good reviews about Optiphi.
    Daily Hydration Moisturiser

  44. I’m an on the go mommy, so I really don’t have time for an intense face regime, I need a face wash andvtoner in one together with a hydrating moisturizer for my busy life. I’d love to try the Daily Hydration Moisturiser.

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