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Rolanda Marais is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most talented actresses, and it helps that she has the type of smile that makes magazine editors stand in line to put her on the cover. At the same time she is in an industry where the concept of natural beauty and age is muddy territory, with many choosing cosmetic procedures turn back time. I caught up with Rolanda to talk about her skincare philosophy, and her thoughts on beauty and ageing.

I also asked Rolanda to test the new La Prairie Line Interception Duo for the site. This treatment moisturiser targets fine lines and wrinkles, protects your skin against UV damage and boosts skin renewal. So did it work for her? Here’s what she had to say:

There is a lot of fear and negativity around the idea of ageing, especially when it comes to one’s appearance. How do you feel?

There’s a message sent to women from a young age that ageing is a bad thing, and I don’t agree. For me ageing comes with wisdom and grace, and yes whether we like it or not, wrinkles. I think it is important to take the power back by accepting the ageing process and accepting the way you look with pride through each stage of your life. To me there is nothing more beautiful than a woman ageing gracefully.

Do you feel your industry puts a lot of pressure on you to look younger?

Oh absolutely! Hollywood is putting a lot of pressure on actresses, and across the world people feel they have to follow their lead. For some reason younger is perceived as more beautiful and desirable. There are a few actresses like Juliet Binoche and Meryl Streep who have been working non-stop throughout their career and I think besides the fact that they are brilliant, it’s because they’ve embraced the way they look at each age and not given in to the pressure of Hollywood to look young forever.

On the one hand wrinkles trace all our (happy and sad) emotions and memories, but in reality many women don’t want certain wrinkles in their lives. How do you feel? And how does in play a role as an actress?

I definitely have a few wrinkles that I wish I didn’t have but it also adds character to my face and as an actress it helps when I play certain roles. My husband is a film and TV director and I have often heard him say that he can’t cast certain actresses because they have no expression on their face after all the ‘work’ they’ve had done. So I am very aware of the fact that natural lines are sometimes not a bad thing, especially when it comes to acting. However, I believe in doing everything I can to look after my skin and I want to have the most beautiful skin I possibly can for my age. Using good products to combat the signs of ageing is of utmost importance to me.

I want to have the most beautiful skin I possibly can for my age. Using good products to combat the signs of ageing is of utmost importance to me

The La Prairie Line Interception Duo promises to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles in 14 days, a softer alternative to professional procedures. You have been using it for the last 2 weeks, have you seen any changes?

I can definitely see and feel a difference after using it for 2 weeks. My skin feels more hydrated and even looks a bit more plump. The lines around my eyes appear softer and the texture of my skin in general feels smoother.

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What was your experience with the product in general?

It has a fresh floral smell and is light and non-oily but at the same time very moisturising. It gets absorbed easily and doesn’t leave an oily ‘glow’ after application. It makes my skin feel beautifully silky and moisturised throughout the day.

I also love the fact that the day moisturiser already has a sunscreen in it as it saves me time when I’m a little rushed in the mornings!

What is your main goal with your skincare routine?

I want to look the best I can for the age I am without any invasive procedures. I am all about that natural glow and healthy looking skin.

What is your best beauty advice?

Stay hydrated inside and out by drinking enough water everyday and using a good moisturiser. Oh, and I ALWAYS wear sunscreen!

This post was created in collaboration with La Prairie


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