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In a few days, on the 23rd of April 2020, Showmax will release the documentary, How to Steal a Country. This documentary explains how Jacob Zuma and the Gupta brothers managed to steal millions of Rands from South Africa.

It is an interesting story told in a very clear and concise way. There are very few people in South Africa who do not know what State Capture is, but there are many who do not know what it really means. This documentary clears up any misconceptions that might exist. They also clear up many questions I have, like why they started the New Age newspaper, what the point of the Bell Pottinger, White Minority Capital campaign was and how KPMG tied into the corruption scandal.

Co-director of the film, Rehad Desai, is no stranger to the South African documentary scene as he was also the brains behind the 2019 film Everything Must Fall that addressed the university fee revolution that changed the face of education in South Africa.

It further makes one proud of the level of journalism we have in South Africa, and the amazing work they do to expose the corruption we have in the country. In a time where hard-core investigative journalism is once again having a minute, it’s great to not only see how the journalists are standing together – often from opposing publications – but how the documenting of the happenings are presented in a factual, non-biased way.

Unfortunately, at the end of this, you will experience that very well-known Carte Blanche Sunday night feeling because, for all the hard work done, and all the commissions that were held, all of those who plundered our country’s purse are still free – enjoying our hard-earned money. In the end, be prepared to be upset, be prepared to be amazed, but also be prepared to in the future pay more attention to the warning signs.

Watch the trailer to the documentary here and be sure to catch it on the 23rd:

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