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How my life has changed. A year ago I was constantly on the lookout for new niche eateries tucked into odd corners of Cape Town’s CBD, or sophisticated fine dining establishments where you can soak up views for days, drinking the best wines from the most ostentatious glassware. Now, with baba closing in on 10 months, pulling herself up by everything and expressing each emotion with a loud yell, I have steered my view towards easy-going, family-friendly restaurants, preferably ones with large lawns where the little one can tire herself out.

Spier has become one of my top choices. Vadas Smokehouse and Bakery is one of my favourite restaurants, with tables under the large trees, spilling onto the lush lawns. Now a new eatery has opened at the opposite end of the courtyard where you can enjoy an uncomplicated, simply delicious meal.

The Spier Farm Café has been open for a couple of weeks, housed in one of the old Cape Dutch buildings on the grounds. You can visit them for breakfast and lunch, prepared by Chef Hennie Nel who worked with PJ Vadas at his Smokehouse and Bakery.

Nel is all about honest, authentic and unpretentious food using the best ingredients – my kind of guy. He is also big on sustainability, sourcing local and ethical produce, and recycling as much as possible. Farmer Angus McIntosh supplies the Spier Café with meat reared on Spier’s pastures, free from hormones and antibiotics, as well as eggs laid by proper farm chickens. And all the fresh bread and pastries come from Vadas from across the lawn.

Breakfast includes gems like a sourdough waffle with dark chocolate, raw honey and cream, or a classic eggs benedict.

We joined them for lunch and obviously I went for their burger. Their signature dish, this 200g beef burger, comes with all the traditional trimmings, including potato chips cooked in pork fat – yes, it’s just the right kind of heart attack. They really hit the spot with this one, from a fluffy and sweet home-made brioche bun to a perfectly-cooked patty.

If meat isn’t your thing, you’ll be happy to know they also cater for vegetarians and vegans. Try the vegetable tartine or cauliflower and harissa grain salad.

The vibe is definitely laid back, with a homey, farm-stall ambience. Aside from your sit-down lunch, you can also stock up on a few delectable deli goods like Honest chocolate and Spier preserves. And consider grabbing a pastry to go with your stroll through the gardens before heading home.

The Spier Farm Café serves breakfast from 08:00 to 11:00 and lunch from 12:00 to 15:00
from Tuesday to Sundays. Hours will be extended during December- keep an eye on
Spier’s social media pages for more information on events and opening hours.


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