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When you drive through Stellenbosch and see all the Stellenbosch Christmas Market (aka Stellenbosch Kersmark) posters, you know that Christmas is almost here and that the holidays are almost around the corner.

With it being Friday, and most of the 9Lives writers keen to take a mid-day outing to check out the Stellenbosch Christmas Market, we traipsed out of the office and into the waiting Uber, wallets and purses firmly in hand.

 With the combination of needing Christmas gifts and being a basic girl who loves markets I couldn’t resist an outing to the “kersmark”.

First off, be aware of how big this market is; we lost half of our group time and again between the aisles and twists and turns of the different rooms and tents. But what this does mean is that everything from amazing plants to adorable baby clothes, velvet scrunchies and yummy baked foods. Elené ended up picking up a beautiful ceramic kitchen board and Tasha simply couldn’t say no to a plant or two, with most of the team planning to head back later in the week to pick up some more goodies. 


And you can bet that we took a small army’s worth of pancakes back to the office with us for a midday snack. 

The market is really does have something for everyone, from foodies to gardeners, new moms and braai-masters. It currently running and will be up until  30 November 2019 at the NGK Stellenbosch Central.

You can check this market out from 9h00 to 19h00 during the week, and 9h00 to 16h00 on Saturdays. 

 So if you’re looking for Christmas gifts, something to spoil yourself with, or just plan to go on a pancake run, then the market is the place to be.

 For more information visit their Facebook page.


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