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Need a few mixers and snacks before your night out? End of the month and low on cash? Or just a plain sucker for a bargain? The new Foodeez store in Stellenbosch will have you sorted with their incredibly low priced goods! 

Stocking products from many well known South African brands, as well as some imported products (a Tessa top tip: The Fox cookies, nachos and Starbucks coffee pods are a win), Foodeez will have you stocked up from your pantry to your spice rack! 

A bit of background: 

Foodeez is a small chain of discount grocery outlets in the Western and Eastern Cape. They primarily sell non-perishable food products like cereal, snack bars, pasta, rusks, biscuits, coffee, juice, cooldrinks, water, sauces, flour, jam, canned food (veg, soup, fruit), confectionary, yoghurt, spices, nuts, dried fruit, microwave popcorn, and bottled condiments.

These products have generally reached their best before dates but are all still good for a while after this. Their prices are on average 50% lower than general supermarkets, and in some cases, even lower.

Let’s get things straight: 

One third of food produced never makes it onto a plate, and the biggest reason is the lack of consumer education about what best before dates mean.

It is important to make a distinction between  best before, sell-by, and xxpiry dates: 

  • Best before means the date the product is at its absolute best in terms of quality (taste, texture, colour). After that the product gradually deteriorates, often over many years. This dating system is used on non-perishable foods. 
  • Sell-by is used on perishable products (fresh food) which Foodeez doesn’t  sell.
  • Expiry dates are generally used on pharmaceutical products.

So in essence, Foodeez is contributing to the sustainability of food manufacturing and processing as well as providing food security to those who need it. So why not help contribute to this humble deed of minimising food waste by supporting the Stellenbosch Foodeez shop? 

The shop is located in the “stegie” of Eikestad Mall. They are open Mondays to Fridays from 9 am – 5pm and Saturdays from 10am – 2pm. Apart from the already low prices, Foodeez even has loyalty cards that allow further discounts. They also post many more deals and new products on their Facebook page! 

So go stock up, save up and enjoy. 

(For more information head to the Foodeez website at )


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