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I love a good popsicle during summer, they’re one of the best ways to cool off in the Stellenbosch heat and they taste delicious! I recently made my own boozy popsicles (click here to get the recipes), but sometimes we want the convenience of buying perfectly prepared, ready-to-eat popsicles. Look no further; I’ve rounded up a list of the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic gourmet popsicles below!




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Pop Secret can be found at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market every weekend, and it’s definitely worth the trip! They offer boozy and non-alcoholic popsicles for between R35 – R45 a pop, and all of their pops are dairy free, sugar free and gluten free, so you don’t even have to feel guilty about having one (or two)!

You can also order their popsicles directly from their website if you feel you need a steady supply of popsicles.

Head over to their website for more info.

Las Paletas


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Las Paletas offers handmade artisanal sorbet and dairy lollies, made in small batches from quality ingredients such as real fruit, herbs, spices, nuts and dairy. As an added bonus, they pride themselves on using 100% natural ingredients, free from flavourants, colourants, additives or powdered products in their popsicles.

Look forward to unique flavour combinations such as guava & cheese, coconut lemonade, pineapple and chili, and gooseberry cheesecake among others! The availability of flavours changes seasonally, so don’t expect to find a watermelon popsicle when you can’t find watermelons in the shops! You can buy their popsicles in pop-up shops, at markets and festivals and online, so be sure to keep an eye on their social media to find out where they’ll pop up next!

For more info and to order, head over to their website.

Frost Popsicles


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Frost popsicles offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic popsicles throughout South Africa. For their boozy pops, they partnered with Pierre Jourdan and Hope on Hopkins to make wine- and gin-based pops. Their flavours include pomegranate, grapefruit and hibiscus, Pierre Jourdan Brut, Gin & Tonic, screwdrivers, margaritas and more. They also recently launched a range of non-alcoholic pops, which includes flavours such as pomegranate, grapefruit & hibisucs, peadch, strawberry & bananaand a vanilla coffee pop.

Their pops are vegan friendly, dairy free and contain no artificial ingredients, and as an added bonus they range between 27 and 98 calories per pop, so you can enjoy them guilt free! The pops are available in stores in Gauteng and can be ordered online for delivery across SA .You can even hire them to be at your next party! 

For more info and to order, head over to their website.

Hope on Hopkins


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The G&T Frost Popsicles are a collaboration between Hope on Hopkins Distillery and JML Consulting, the creators of South Africa’s first wine popsicles, the PJ Pops™. They create a special gin that is used specifically to be used in the pops.

These are South Africa’s first G&T Popsicles and they are available in two flavours: the G&T Classic, which features classic G&T flavours, and the G&T Berry Infusion which incorporates notes of blackberries, strawberries and blueberries for a slightly sweeter taste.

Head over to their website for more information.

Haute Cabrière


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Pierre Jourdan Wine Popsicles, or PJ Popsᵀᴹ as they like to call them, are South Africa’s first ever home-grown, wine-based ice popsicles to land on local shelves.

Created by JML Consulting, the PJ Popsᵀᴹ form part of the firm’s new Frost Popsicles range. They come in two flavours, made from their Pierre Jourdan Brut MCC and the Pierre Jourdan Tranquille which is a Pinot Noir/ Chardonnay blend.

For more info and to order online, head over to their website.


So which do you prefer, homemade or gourmet? Let us know in the comments below!


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