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I was super bummed when Succession Season 3 got pushed to 2021 because of the global pandemic, but oh boy was it worth the wait. The Roy family is back and they are as privileged, disgusting, and utterly enjoyable as ever. The episodes are dropping weekly on Showmax, with the first episode live already.

Is it as good as the previous seasons?

I daresay… it is better! Succession’s biggest draw for me is the crazy good dialogue and in season 3 they take this to a whole new level. Kendall Roy whose character arc during season 1 and 2 took a 180 degree turn, and who is arguably one of the biggest characters in this season, once again pivots in the other direction, and the dialogue they assign him is not only very clever but it is comedic gold.

All of the first seven episodes, that we got to preview, seem like an extension of Kendall’s famous rap from the second season, as he keeps making unexplainable moves, floundering under the weight of his father’s legacy. Ironically enough, any objective third party viewer can clearly see that it is actually only Kendall’s plan for the company that will be able to save them.

Clever dialogue delivered poorly will fall flat and therefore one cannot speak about Succession without highlighting a few stellar performances from this big cast. Arguably the best character and actor in this entire series is Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans, and in season 3 he is back with as much insecurity and ass-kissing that you would expect and love from him. He is also confronted with an ordeal and his preparation for its seemingly inevitable end will have you in stitches.

In the same breath, his sidekick Nicholas Braun as Cousin Greg once again proves that you cannot make “a Tomlette without breaking a few Gregs”. Brain Cox as the patriarch Logan Roy is always worth a mention, as is the rest of the siblings, with Siobhan Roy played by Sarah Snook deserving a special mention. There are also a few new, familiar faces with Adrian Brody and Alexander Skarsgård making an appearance in season 3.

Can I just jump in at Season 3?

Unfortunately, I don’t really see that happening and that is actually the type of continuity that makes the show great. The characters and their relationships develop so fast and so significantly that season 1 and season 3 are so far removed from each other, but on another level, they are so coherent and you can exactly follow a character’s rise and fall, as well as very specifically see the influence of Logan’s manipulations.

You also do need to allow yourself a bit of time to develop sympathy for these deeply flawed characters. Going blindly into season 3 will leave you with no background with which to interpret the siblings with and you might just quit the series altogether. That being said, Season 1 and 2 is also streaming on Showmax, so you can go right ahead and binge.


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