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With summer well on its way, who else gets anxiety at the mere thought of exposing your white winter legs? Now I have complained a few times that I’m tired of my winter wardrobe, but my skin isn’t near ready for this sudden heat we’ve been experiencing. Which made me think that I probably need a quick fix, and soon.

I went on a hunt for the best ways to make sure my skin is summer-ready. Part of your everyday beauty routine, here is how you can start prepping your skin for the sunny season:


Yep, cold weather, dry air and strong winds have definitely taken their toll on my skin, leaving it dry and duller than the Kalahari in the winter. For that perfect summer glow, it’s time to kick those dead skin cells to the curb, and there’s no better way to do this than to exfoliate. From face scrubs all the way to body scrubs, it’s important to reinvigorate your skin.

Worth a try: Milk Solutions Grapefruit and Pomegranate Sugar Skin Scrub

R236,43 for a 320g jar,

This yummy body scrub from Milk Solutions not only left my skin feeling silky and brand new, the grapefruit and pomegranate scent immediately gets me in the mood for summer. I apply this scrub to my dryer body parts like my feet, ankles, knees, and elbows before I take a shower.

Read more about the 101 of Exfoliation here.

Milk Solutions Sugar Skin Scrub

Take a refreshing shower

After a good scrub-a-dub, nothing makes you feel more refreshed than a shower. To get my skin summer-ready, I make sure to use an uplifting shower gel.

Worth a try: NIVEA Sunshine Love Shower Gel

I decided to give the NIVEA Sunshine Love Shower Gel a try, to prep my skin for summer. This shower gel has the unique scent of sunscreen, instantly transporting you to a relaxing day at the beach. This got my summer-feels going and the refreshing Aloe Vera formula left my skin feeling soft and revived.

Moisturise your skin for the beach days to come

I’ve been struggling with dry skin on my legs and arms for a long time now, especially after the cold winter months. This had be veering towards aqueous cream and baby lotions, which, while effective, can feel really greasy and take forever to absorb into my skin. That’s why I decided to try a body oil for a change.

Worth a try: Johnsons Vita-Rich Firming Body Tissue Oil

R110,00 for 150ml

I tried out the new Johnsons Vita-Rich Tissue oil in my attempt to moisturise my skin. The one I tested is infused with green tea extract, which left my skin smelling super refreshed. I am usually not a fan of oils, but I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that this one doesn’t leave a greasy residue on my skin, but rather absorbs really fast, instantly moisturising my skin.

Johnsons Vita-Rich Firming Body Tissue Oil

Get that faux glow

A shimmering oil can be a beautiful final touch to your bronzed skin – whether it’s fake or really baked. Aside from giving you that soft glow, an oil also helps to hydrate and soften skin, preventing that dull, leathery appearance.

Worth a try: Dove DermaSpa Body Oil Goodness

R129,00 for 150ml

After the first use my skin was transformed from dry to silky smooth. It has a blend of omega oil and cell moisturisers that really helps to sooth the driest of skin types. The oil also gives your skin a luminous, almost golden, glow. A little bit goes a long way, so be careful not to use too much at a time, as it can leave a bit of an oily residue.

Dove DermaSpa Body Oil Goodness

Smell like summer

Nothing gets me in the summer mood like a fresh fragrance that can linger on my skin the whole day. The change of seasons inspired me to get a change in fragrance as well. I have been true to three brands the last five years, so it was really time to shake things up. Here is what I tried and why I loved it.

Worth a try: Women’s Secret Eau My Secret, Eau My Delice and Eau It’s Fresh

R399 for 100ml,

I don’t usually go mad for sweet perfumes, as I prefer the softer, more floral scents. That was until I tried these three fruity fragrances. All of them perfectly capture the essence of summer. Eau My Secret reminds me of summer fruits, like watermelon and strawberries while Eau my Delice reminds me of a sunny day. And lastly the Eau It’s Fresh somehow reminds me of fresh cut grass on a summer’s day. And I mean, have you seen the adorable packaging?

Women's Secret Eau de Parfum

How are you prepping your skin for summer? We would love to hear all about it in the comments below!


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