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I have had my fair share of different hairstyles and colours. I’ve chopped off my long tresses for an angled bob, done the whole ombre look and gone as far as bleaching my hair Khaleesi style. Now that my silvery locks are growing out in multicoloured shades of blonde and brown, I think it’s time for a new look. Change is good, right?

With the hope of summer hanging in the air, I decided to check out a bunch of summer hair trends for some inspiration. Here are a bunch of my favourite cuts and colours for summer.

The bob

I have masses of thick hair, which can be a tad high maintenance in summer (there is nothing worse than hair hanging heavily around your face on a hot day.) A fresh bob cut may be all I need to lighten the load. I was happy to see that the bob is trending big-time at the moment. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it can be worn in a variety of different ways and styles. The trick is finding the right cut for your hair type.

While the sleek edged bob cut is the in-thing at the moment (and is a great choice if you’ve got naturally straight hair), my hair tends to curl and wave in a somewhat haphazard fashion. I think I should rather opt for a choppy cut bob. With tons of volume and texture, this cut will allow my locks to fall in natural waves and is perfect for my thick hair. Let’s look to Dua Lipa, who is rocking the blunt cut bob, bleached nude blonde. Lighter neutral shades of blonde are a go-to-option at the moment (So maybe it’s time I freshen up my silvery tones).


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Rose tints of gold

In a wide range of shimmering tones, from enhanced rose gold to softer hints of champagne pink, strawberry, gold blonde, to ombre lavender and peachy undertones, the rose gold hair trend has a magical allure. To add a fun and edgy spark to my look, I would love a summer fling with this romantic hue! Best of all these shades of gold and pink off-set a textured cut beautifully.


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French Retro

For the love of the 20’s, the French flapper-girl bob with bangs is making waves. Reminiscent of a sultry summer in Paris, this is certainly a cut that makes a statement. Dare I be different and give this super cool vintage cut a try? Well, all I can say, it looks fabulous! Let’s look to Kacy Hill, who has mastered this look. Her copper coloured hair also creates a radiant warm summer effect. It seems that juxtaposing hints of blonde and red hues into darker shades is also a fiery hot trend this summer.


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Look natural

A Mop of curls with bangs (think Tina Turner and the 80’s) is a major comeback this summer, where the hair is shaped in effortless layers with long curling bangs framing the face. The natural hair trend has also been imagined from Beyonce’s iconic billowing waves. It’s all about embracing natural curls and hair textures, as an expression of the sultry summer vibe we so love. I just adore Beyonce’s wild mane of golden caramel and blonde tone, which truly echoes the essence of the tropical sun.


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Long layered locks of gold

Keeping my hair long, shaped with long invisible layers is always an option. Gigi Hadid knows how it’s done and has mastered the long layered look, styled in an effortless, tousled fashion. Mixing and matching dark brown and light brown hues into long flowing layers is a picture of 50 shades of summer. Sounds super sexy to me! For the brunettes, soften darker shades with soft honey tones to add a deep golden glow to your hair colour.


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Summer is golden and I love the idea of expressing its warming glow in my hair look. What are your favourite cuts and colours for summer? I’d like to know. Feel free to drop a comment below.


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