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As I write this, our family is en route from Canada to South Africa for the summer holidays. We’ve managed to get everyone together for a vacation in Sandbaai, from the grandparents to the Ooms en Tannies, and of course all the cousins, aged 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Our plans include beach days, board games, braais and celebrating it all with delicious wine.

Since we’re planning frequent, large get togethers we’re going to need a list of delicious but also reasonably priced wines. To this end, a couple of us from 9Lives took on the (oh-so-tough) task of tasting through a selection of wines, aiming to find our favourites.

So whether you sip on Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay, here are our top picks of wines for your summer celebrations.

Diemersdal Sauvignon Blanc 2019


When it comes to Sauvignon Blanc, I’ll always pick Diemersdal in a lineup. This year their everyday-drinking Sauvignon Blanc snatched double gold at the Michelangelo Wine Awards, charming wine lovers with its wonderfully full, tropical palette. It’s vibrant, fruity and fantastic for a seafood braai.

9Lives Summer Wines Diemersdal Sauvignon Blanc 2019
Diemersdal Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Gabrielskloof Rosebud 2019


My first reaction to this wine was, “Oooooh! Pretty!” With a delicate pink shade and simplistic packaging, the Gabrielskloof Rosebud is undeniably feminine and will make a gorgeous addition to any summer dining table. The palette is equally soft and elegant, with a definite floral character and mild acidity. Pair it with some sushi, grilled salmon or a summer salad.

9Lives Summer Wines Gabrielskloof Rosebud 2019
Gabriëlskloof Rosebud 2019

Waterkloof Circle of Life White 2016


The Circle of Life is only released in select vintages which truly reflect the best qualities of this biodynamic wine farm outside Somerset West. The blend comprises of 67% Sauvignon Blanc, 29% Chenin Blanc and 4% Semillon, giving you notes of lime and gooseberries on the nose followed by a fresh palate and long linger. Waterkloof strives to produce balanced wines while adhering to traditional organic and biodynamic methods. Chickens, sheep and workhorses all play their own unique role in the vineyards. Their soils are free of chemicals and are kept healthy by using plant extracts, fungi and bacteria from the farm’s own organic compost.

9Lives Summer Wines Waterkloof Circle of Life White 2016
Waterkloof Circle of Life White 2016

Fat Bastard Chardonnay 2018

From R85,

The Fat Bastard Chardonnay has become well loved for its bold, full character. The wine is smooth and moreish, with flavours that recall stone fruit, melon, soft pears, and even a hint of vanilla. Unlike heavily wooded Chardonnays that often bowl you over with bold, buttery palettes, this one is more balanced and sophisticated.

9Lives Summer Wines Fat Bastard Chardonnay 2019
Fat Bastard Chardonnay 2019

What are you drinking this summer? Share your suggestions in the comments below!


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