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Making the transition to a healthy diet can be overwhelming. There is so much advice and fad diets out there, each offering their miracle solution to loosing weight. I believe in eating real food – as opposed to processed – and choosing fruits, veg and protein that will give your body all the nutrients it needs to function optimally.

That being said, the whole health food scene can make your head spin. What is Spirulina? Kombucha? Matcha? Spelt? What are these superfoods people keep talking about? And how are you suppose to eat them?

In reality the concept of superfood is quite simple: Foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber – even a carrot is a superfood. It shouldn’t be so complicated, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and making the switch will mean your meals are not only packed with flavour, but also life-giving goodness.

For this reason I absolutely love Super Clean Super Foods by Fiona Hunter and Caroline Bretherton (R340, DK Publishers). It is basically your beginner’s guide to all things super food but it will definitely also benefit veterans.

The book touches on over 90 delicious superfoods including quinoa, acai, buckwheat, chia seeds, kale, tumeric, coconut, and matcha, showing you the nutritional benefits of each.

Every food is explained through small snippets of useful information, telling you why it benefits your body and how you can incorporate it into your diet. They have also added a handful of delicious recipes throughout the book that you can try – and no, it’s not all salad.

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I found this book easy to read and filled with interesting facts. I discovered new foods that I didn’t know about, learned about creative ways to use grains or powders, and learned about why my body needs different minerals and vitamins.

I think this book will be a continuous asset in my lifestyle and I know that I will keep going back to it when I am planning or adjusting my diet, or when I just want to check up on some healthy-food facts.

Go check it out if you are keen to start eating healthier, or if you just want to supplement your health-food knowledge. Super Clean Super Foods is available at leading bookstores.


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