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I love a good weekend away just as much as the next person, but having your family around may complicate your break away. Spending the long Easter weekend in a close-knit environment with your family might need a bit more planning.

For the last couple of years, I have spent Easter weekend drinking copious amounts of wine and eating ALL the hot cross buns. But this year my parents invited me to a family getaway — I’m both thrilled and nervous at the thought! While it is the perfect opportunity to break away from my everyday routine and just soak up some sun, there are a few things to take into consideration when going away with the family.

To prepare myself, I have put together a little list on how to survive this Easter weekend:

1. Dress up and take pictures.

As it is a family getaway, it is always a good idea to dress the part and take lots of photos. You never know when everyone will end up in the same place again, plus it is always great to look back at the good memories. Tip – You might want to cover up any tattoos to avoid the more conservative family members making comments.

2. Don’t be late — for anything.

My family is quite widespread over the country, so getting everyone together is a big deal. Don’t be the last to arrive at the destination — you might just miss the big reunion. Also, if you are mostly looking forward to the food, don’t be late to dish ANY of the meals, as the best bits of the food get ravaged first.

3. Avoid controversial discussion topics.

Steer away from any conversation heading in the direction of politics, body modification, feminism or kids, no matter what your views on having kids are. Coming from a very outspoken family, this has never ended well for me. As great as it is to have awesome views on all these topics, rather share them with friends that have a similar mindset.

4. Join the Easter egg hunt.

Thanks to an awesome concept by Sugarbird Gin, you can now get a Sugarbird Gin Easter Eggs gift pack consisting of six gin-filled eggs that you can hide. While this adult egg hunt might be great, we all know that marshmallow eggs will always be the OG when it comes to Easter. Referring back to point two — don’t be late, or you won’t be able to fill your basket to the brim!

5. BYOW — Bring Your Own Wine.

This might be the most important point, as your glass will always be full if you pour for yourself. Also, not everyone has the same taste in wine — so rather than trying to drink some sour wine your uncle swears by, just enjoy your own.

All in all, Easter has always been a joyous time filled with good food, great wine and the people you love the most. So the more prepared you are for the weekend, the more you will get to genuinely enjoy it.


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