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5 budget tips for first time Europe travellers

I lived in the Netherlands for almost 11 months where my one and only goal was to explore Europe. In the months of saving and tights budgets, I rode on a train from the one Dutch attraction to the next while planning trips to other European countries. I made plenty of mistakes, but also learned from them. Here are five of my top tips for first time Europe travellers.

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One Day in Berlin

About a month ago nine of us packed our bags and headed up to Germany for a friend’s wedding. They got married close to Tangermünde, a very cute little town in Stendal, in a farm…

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Affordable airline options to Europe

Having had to travel internationally most of my working life, I have become a rather reluctant air traveller. I love the thrill of a new adventure, deciding what to pack (although I always take way…

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