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With beaches closed, Cyril has me looking for activities to keep my mind far away from any thoughts about cool, fresh, salty waters. I stumbled across Adene’s Farm Flowers on Instagram, and the aesthetically pleasing images had me sold straight away.

About 75 minutes from Stellenbosch, in Wolseley is Adene’s Farm flowers. Before I start on the flower farm allow me to state that all four routes that lead to Adenes are absolutely breathtaking. Top picks: Bainskloof or Slanghoek.

The flower farm was started by Adene Nieuwoudt whose love for nature drew her to cultivating flowers. Adenes flowers celebrate the fleeting beauty of the season and are all freshly gathered from their fields and gardens. The flower farm specializes in growing unusual and wide varieties of flowers and foliage, so expect to have your eyes blessed.

The gardens are filled with Dahlias, Roses, Lisianthus and my new found favorite – foxgloves. And these are only about a quarter of the varieties that Adene grows. There are about 3/4 massive tents filled to the brink with blooming colorful flowers.

Entrance and Information:

The farm has set open days to go visit. From January to February they are open every Saturday and Sunday and from March they will only be open every Sunday, with operating hours from 8am – 12 am. Ticket sales and the coffee shop are closed at 12pm, but you are still allowed to walk around the gardens if you already have a ticket. (For more information click here)

Wolseley is known to get very hot so if you’re anything like me (aka prone to extreme sweating and not dealing well with heat), I would recommend getting there at 8am.

Entrance fees for adults are R70 and R40 for kids. Entrance includes a packet of flower seeds worth R65. You will also receive a 50% discount on your first bunch of freshly picked Dahlias. There’s a Coffee shop that offers yummy cakes, quiches and pies as well as hot and cold drinks. So you can always escape the heat for a quick water break and make another flower round afterwards. You can also purchase flowers from their website.

It really is quite a spectacular setup and definitely a must see for your summer adventure bucket list. Wolseley also has many surrounding attractions and restaurants that you can visit and seeing as our beaches are still closed why not explore our beautiful inland?


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