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Natural skincare has come a long way from essential oils in your ouma’s kitchen. These days brands are offering high tech, effective treatments using the very best that nature has to offer.

Steenberg Spa has recently launched a range of all-natural Team Dr Joseph facial treatments, which is a treat whether you’re into natural skincare or simply looking to spoil yourself.

Team Dr Joseph recently launched in South Africa, combining scientific knowledge with natural cosmetics to create effective skincare solutions. Originating in the Alpine region of Italy, their organically certified products are based on a symbiosis between nature, modern technology, and 40 years experience. I’ve tried a couple of their skincare products and been really impressed, so I was excited to finally experience one of their spa offerings.

I was invited to try the Team Dr Joseph Cellular Recreate Facial, a relaxing 90 minute pamper that targets ageing skin concerns using active, 100% natural ingredients.

Team Dr Joseph Steenberg

Team Dr Joseph Steenberg 2

I can recommend this facial based on the physical experience alone. The therapist uses a combination of massage techniques and delicate brush strokes to apply and remove products, which include exfoliators, masks and serums for optimal impact. As for the actual effects, my skin looked fantastic after the facial – hydrated and glowing. I can only imagine what regular treatments can achieve.

The only negative for me was lying down in one position for that long – I would have liked an adjustment somewhere inbetween just to move my neck and stretch a little. If you start feeling stiff, simply ask the therapist if you can sit up for a few minute before continuing.

They also offer a 60 minute Intense Purifying Facial to deeply cleanse your skin and refresh your complexion, which should be lovely going into summer.

The new treatments are a (ahem) natural fit for Steenberg spa, which is situated at Steenberg Estate on the border of the Constantia wine valley. The interior is plush and luxurious with four spacious treatment rooms, including a couple’s room. Kick off your experience with a tea ceremony in the relaxation room before heading off to your session. And since you’re on the wine estate, you might as well follow your spa session with a glass of wine. Perfect.

The Team Dr Joseph Intense Purifying Facial costs R750 for a 60 minute treatment, and the Cellular Recreate Facial is R1100 for a 90 minute treatment.

For spa bookings, contact Tel: +27 21 712 7481 or Email: spa@steenberghotel.com. For more info, visit steenbergfarm.com


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