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For me, drinking wine is about celebrating the memories associated with a specific moment and bottle. Maybe it’s a memory of the place you’ve enjoyed the wine at, or the people that surround you while enjoying some of your favourite bottles.

And that’s exactly how I would describe the Boschendal Exclusive Launch of the 2016 Nicolas Blend – a very fond memory that I will always remember.

The 2016 Nicolas Blend was announced in three places at once. People in Johannesburg, Franschhoek and Germany all sat in anticipation until the very moment that this memory became a reality through live streaming.

But first, let’s go back a bit to the beginning of the night! It all started at the Werf restaurant on the Boschendal Estate, with good bubbly and a beautiful view. My favourite part of that part of the launch was the menu. The menu included a lot of ingredients sourced directly from the estate to create something exceptional. This took the form of savoury macaroons, and no, this is not me making a mistake. The chef created the savoury macaroons specially for the exclusive launch! I’m not much of a sweet tooth, so this was the perfect way for me to enjoy a macaroon.

Still with the delicious taste in my mouth, the anticipation only grew with the ride to the cellar

We arrived at the Nicolas sherry cellar (no, this is not a coincidence, it was a beautiful moment that celebrated the night even more) for the big moment we were all waiting for. This blend was named after the memory of one of the founding fathers, Nicolas de Lanoy, who helped lay an early foundation in the development of the estate. The beauty and gloriousness of Boschendal was celebrated in this cellar. With a glass of white wine in hand, we found our seats in the cellar to wait in anticipation for the reveal.

Oh! Hello there, Nicolas, nice to meet you!

The reveal of Boschendal’s 2016 Nicolas Blend was a collection of moments spent enjoying something exceptional that blended together to create something transcendent.

While sipping on some of this blend, the winemaker that was responsible for this exceptional blend, Jacques Viljoen, spoke more about the moments leading up to us being able to celebrate the beautiful memory of the 2016 Nicolas blend. To form a memory that will last long past the launch passion, creativity and incredible raw materials were blended together. The 2016 Nicolas Blend is Shiraz based, which gives you that depth of the wine, while the Cabernet Blanc enhances the spiciness of the Shiraz. These two wines meld together perfectly with the classical structure of Cabernet Sauvignon, and a fruity flavour thanks to the Merlot. The 2016 Nicolas Blend was paired with Black Angus beef fillet, squid ink gnocchi and garden beets to create something memorable.

Celebrating life and reminiscing about memories are only a few of the things that I cherish, and I love how wine can bring people together to make beautiful memories that are destined to live on long after the bottle is empty. Boschendal’s 2016 Nicolas Blend is a memory that I will celebrate every time I toast to life with the taste of good red wine!


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