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Lucifer is back – thank Dad! We had a sneak peek at the new season and it is safe to say that we were dying to see our favourite devil again. The previous season left us in all the feels as Lucy had to head back to hell to govern his realm which left his relationship with The Detective up in the air. Read our *spoiler-free* review below and join us as we welcome the dashing Lucifer Morningstar back to our screens.

Season 4… What was that about again?

If you feel like season 4 was centuries ago, no worries, we got you covered! Heading into season 5, these are the most important plot points you need to keep in mind to ensure that you are up to date with the LAPD, and its supernatural entourage’s, whereabouts.

So, as I mentioned before, Lucy returned to hell to govern over the demons. Hell needs a king and after little Charlie got kidnapped by hell’s children, it didn’t leave the devil with much of a choice. Chloe now, of course, knows that he is truly the devil even though he’s been telling her since season 1. After a brief flirtation with the enigmatic Eve, the devil realised that his first love is, in fact, Chloe and Eve then go on to seduce Maze’s demon heart.

Season 5: The highs

So, the first part of season 5 will be released on Friday 21 August, followed by a small hiatus until we get to see the season’s conclusion. I loved having my favourite characters on screen again. Chloe has finally evolved into an empathetic character that I am able to relate to. Her love for Lucifer is now reflected in both her words and actions with her inner turmoil mostly silenced.

There is also some great rapport between the male characters, even between Lucy and Dan, and although their relationship is challenged throughout the season it is evident that their relationship has grown. The most interesting character by far this season is Maze, portrayed by South African actress Lesley-Ann Brandt. While she is still struggling to find her place on earth, she has managed to finally dig to the core of what is holding her back.

Another character that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this season is Ella. As this series has progressed, we’ve seen her become one of the main characters and this season really has her front and centre. She will prove to be key to one of the most important cases this season and the showrunners have coloured in her character very convincingly to fit her newly found prominence.

Season 5: The lows

No single series only has highlights and the same goes for Lucifer. As viewers, we have a certain expectation and for me, this new season of Lucifer does not 100% fit the bill. Let me explain; I am a huge fan of Supernatural. And over the years I’ve seen this series go from unwatchable to experimentational to exceptional. The reason I am mentioning them is that their show structure is very similar to Lucifer. There is a mystery per episode, moving parallel to the plot, with character development and some sense of plot movement.

The thing that I do not like about this latest season of Lucifer, is that they have now in this (maybe) final season, decided to enter their experimental phase. The season contains a noir episode, a meta-episode (very Supernatural-esque) and, as we’ve seen from the trailer, the introduction of an evil twin. How very Bold and the Beautiful. It just seems like a bit of an anti-climax compared to the cracker of a season finale that we had at the end of Season 4.

Is it still worth a watch? Yes! With the conclusion only airing later this year or possibly only in 2021, there is a lot of space left for redemption and even though they’ve sacrificed some of the mysteries for character development, I’m hoping this pays off in the second part of the season.

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