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Ok, so I get it, it’s gory and weird and gross and over the top and kind of too much and very meta. Just watch this to see what I’m talking about:

But I’m like, Rick and Morty season 4, episode 1 was the best thing to happen to me this week! Not that it was a great week or anything. But still. BEST. THING.

I am really looking forward to taking another spin on the insane-wheel with these two. The world they have conceived is extraordinary, in every meaning of that word. I am very impressed with how fresh the story still feels and the possibilities of where they can take this seem to be endless. I am kinda bummed that the show will be released on a weekly basis, since it is one of the best shows to sit back and binge the hell out of.

If you don’t know, Rick and Morty follows a sociopathic genius scientist, Rick, who drags his inherently timid grandson, Morty, on insanely dangerous adventures across the universe.

If you don’t know anything about this show, maybe watch these promo commercials:

You can watch season 1 – 3 on Showmax

If you are keen to know more about the show, watch this video:

This is a great video about the timeline – there is a lot of time-travel so it can get kinda confusing:

This was a very interesting video about the show:

As you can see from these ‘great’ videos, there is actually a lot going on in this show. In the same way that there is a lot going on in the minds of the kids sitting in the basement smoking weed in that ‘70s show. JK.

If you have read this far into the article then I assume you’re not here to find out more about the show, but rather, where to watch it since us poor fools in South Africa can’t watch the show on Adult Swim.

So the answer; SHOWMAX. New episodes are available every Monday from 18 November 2019

Here are a few random stats about how great the show is:
  • #12, Top Rated TV of All Time, IMDB
  • 94% critics rating, Rotten Tomatoes
  • Outstanding Animated Programme, Primetime Emmy Awards, 2018
  • Best Animated Series, Critics Choice Awards, 2018

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