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Richard Hendriks and his gang of misfits will be traveling through the last six episodes of HBO’s Silicon Valley in the beginning of December 2019. The satirical series created by John Altschuler, Mike Judge and Dave Krinsky aired back in 2014 and will be concluding this year after a very successful 6 season run.

I was fortunate enough to get the pre-screening of season 6’s first three episodes and my emotions are a bit mixed: I am sad that they are ending a show that I have loved to binge, but the last season did not have the same clarity,both in direction and relevance, that the series had when it started. The first three episodes of the last season are, without giving anything away, going along in a very familiar trend and I look forward to seeing them conclude this chapter and close the book. Thank God they did not try to stretch this out like How I Met Your Mother.

After rewatching the first season in preparation of the finale it was great to see how many of the characters that we have in season 6 started the journey with us in season 1. I harboured a hope that Elrich Bachman might return in season 6 and finally get his big break, but after reading this, it is quite clear that he will not be returning, which is sad. He was a very big part of what made the series work.

It is also interesting to see that the sentiment from season 1: ‘“You have to be a dick” to make it in Silicon Valley’ is a golden thread that pulls through the entire series. I think this will be one of the messages they bring full circle in the end, but we will have to wait and see how they do it.

A final hope I have is that they conclude the season with another amazing gag, like the one they had at the end of season 1. Either way, I will definitely be tuning and dropping out when the last season airs. So if you are in South Africa, catch season 6 which airs on the 9th of December 2019, exclusively on Showmax.

You can check out the official trailer to season 6 here:


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