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How and why that one sock always disappears in the wash is still one of the biggest mysteries that no one, not even the Scooby Doo’s mystery van clan, will ever be able to solve.

Basically, and I know that you have experienced it before, one day you have two socks. You put them in the washing machine, with all of your other goodies, and then … only one comes back out to this wonderful world. It doesn’t matter how many times you stick your head inside the washing machine or spin it manually for the other sock to (hopefully) drop … it is gone … and lost forever.

The good news? A cosy little spot in Stellenbosch has recently found your other sock and named it, well, The Missing Sock.

We could not be happier!


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This coffee-shop-meets-laundrette is situated on 20 Andringa Street and invites you to come closer and sit down at one of the tables with the quirky signage and colours luring you in from the get-go. However, when you approach the little shop – you might change your mind and “swing” by more often, because they have the most amazing swinging-chairs inside the shop.

I recently caught up with The Missing Sock’s founder, Niel Swanepoel for a one-on-one.

Here is what he had to say:

1. How did The Missing Sock end up in Stellenbosch?

I wanted to open a dry cleaning spot in Stellenbosch, since I have a service in Cape Town and a shop in Durbanville, and while searching for a location here, had the idea to add the coffee-element to the services that would be on offer. I have shares in Tribe Coffee in Woodstock, and wanted to combine the good coffee with squeaky clean laundry.

2. Tell us more about the name?

I worked closely with Andrea Potgieter, from Ontwerp, who specializes in retail, space planning, concept drawings, furniture designs and much more. She is really amazing and came up with the name ideas. We thought that “The Missing Sock” is very fitting, because you know how that one sock always goes missing in the washing machine!

I also want to mention Claire Olivier, who really helped us both with the artworks inside of the shop as well as the social media side of things. She has really helped a lot in bringing everything together.

3. What makes this space so special? Please tell us about those hanging chairs?

The location of the space is really such a blessing. We wanted to give customers great coffee and a one-day-return Laundromat service with many other options such as the takeaway window for coffee for when time is limited. Or if you would like to linger a little longer feel free to enjoy our free wifi and our amazing hanging chairs.

My father and brother helped with these chairs. We have a contact in Paardeneiland who re-designed them for us as the building is old and we want to be sure that the structures are super safe and enjoyable.


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4. How does the Laundromat side of things work?

You give your laundry to us at the counter where there is also a price list, and we take care of it for you. It’s super straightforward, and the best part is that the machines we use are on the premises (hidden at the back) and this helps with the one-day-return service we offer. I think we are the only one in Stellenbosch who can guarantee this.

5. Who is Neil and where is he from?

Niel Swanepoel, originally from George, has been a resident of Stellenboch for the past 15 years. He loves the great outdoors, a good cup of coffee, adventure and to be social.


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6. Would you please share your favourite Missing Sock Joke with us?

My Favourite joke must be this one:


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Find this all-in-one must-stop-spot on 20 Andringa Street in Stellenbosch and do not be shy to share your pictures with us.


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