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When your boss tells you that it’s time to go to a hair salon and fix the mess that is your hair, you immediately react to it!

And that is how my regrowth chronicles started  in the office one windy afternoon.

I attended Inoar’s launch of their wonderful Coconut Oil and Sensitine shampoo a few weeks ago, and there we decided that when it comes to caring for your hair, you have to start at the beginning. The beginning of my new hair care routine needs to start at the regrowth of a century.

I called up the beautiful Liana from House of Hair, and scheduled my appointment, not only to try out the new Inoar Colour System that has been released, but also to stop my boss from making fun of the boskind that I was known for being in the office.

As the saying goes, a hair stylist is like your very own therapist.

 And wow, what a therapist Liana was that day! Not just for me, but for my hair as well!

The Inoar Colour System is filled with Argan Oil that covers the regrowth with intense, well-defined and longer lasting colour.

Blondes have more fun, but the fun is in the form of a really intense and overwhelming hair routine.

All blondes will tell you that when you bleach your hair, it tends to burn your scalp for a bit and just when you think the burning sensation that is eating your brain through your scalp is gone, the itching starts like thousands of bugs crawling all over your head. But not the Inoar Colour System, I didn’t flinch one bit from a burning, itching scalp that I emotionally prepared myself for.

After a while, Liana washed off the bleach and we took a closer look to the featherly highlights that appeared. It looked very natural, but we decided that more is always better! And with that sentence not even in the air yet, Liana applied the Inoar toner to my hair. Thanks to me colouring my hair in the past, I’ve grown  used to that grassy feeling that comes with bleaching your hair, and I waited in anticipation to feel like a rugby field in the winter months. To my surprise, my hair was moisturised and soft.

I walked out of the House of Hair with golden locks that anyone would steal porridge for, climbed into my Uber and went back to the office to shut my colleagues mouths once and for all.

I walked into the office only to get showered with compliments and “ooh wow” was heard quite a lot. But the highlight of my regrowth chronicles, apart from  the highlights in my hair? The soft pat on my head this morning that I received from the biggest hater of all – my boss. The regrowth chronicles have come to an end, but deep inside, I’m still the boskind that everyone came to love.

Hello regrowth!

Goodbye regrowth!



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