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Now more than ever, we need to support local producers. Many restaurants have opted for some form of delivery option, since they aren’t able to entertain diners. You can find veggie boxes, meal kits and even five course dinners delivered to your door.

Spier has recently come to the party with a delicious selection of prepped meals and pantry staples. Since grocery shopping has become such an effort these days, I’ve started stocking my freezer with a few ready-made meals, and their options were most welcome. How about a BBQ smoked brisket pie? Burgers made with Farmer Angus beef patties? Soup with sourdough bread, or Vadas Pasteis de Nata for a sweet finish?

The Spier Shop offers both ready meals, fresh produce, pickles, preserves and a few treats like organic olive oil and beef dripping (oh the roast potatoes you could make with this). A big bonus is the option to buy Spier wines as well.

I’m a huge fan of Spier’s farming philosophy. Farmer Angus beef, for instance, is 100% free of growth hormones and routine antibiotics, and they’re all reared in certified organic pastures. If you’re keen to eat clean – and in my case ensure my kid does as well – it’s a great option.

I was initially introduced to their farm box through a press drop, and then decided to try a follow-up online shopping spree to see how they work. Overall their website is fine to use, and payment was a very simple process. I am also happy to report that their delivery was super efficient – I ordered on the Friday afternoon and my box was dropped off on the Monday morning (note I am also based in Stellenbosch). Woolies takes more than a week to deliver, so this is a helluva convenience! I purchased some sourdough pizza bases and fresh mozzarella (Guys! Life changing), a selection of meat, patties and fresh burger buns, a loaf of sourdough, and a brisket pie. I’m ready for some decadent dining.

To try the Spier boxes, visit

If you feel like a sneaky outing, their shop is also open for visitors daily from 09:00 – 16:30. Please adhere to strict safety and social distancing measures.


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