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I’m not a big Terry Pratchett fan and to my shame, I had not really heard about Neil Gaiman until recently. But this past weekend, I binged Good Omens on Amazon Prime Video and I can literally not stop talking about it!

So you’ve probably heard of Good Omens recently because the media has been ablaze with certain religious groups that tried to petition against the series’ release on Netflix, even though it was created by Amazon Prime Video. In true internet fashion, everyone responded with GIFs which made it all so much more entertaining, while Amazon had a bit of a go at Netflix on Twitter too.


The Premise

So, an angel and a demon walk into a bar… Well, that’s more or less how it goes. Demon, Crowley, and angel, Aziraphale, meet each other at more or less the beginning of time and immediately strike up a type of friendship. What ensues is millennia of banter, trying to merge good and evil and not have their respective factions find out about their kinship. We meet them in current day Britain, where they are tasked with keeping an eye on the Antichrist who, on his eleventh birthday, brings about the apocalypse, initiating the final battle between heaven and hell.

If I had to describe it, I’d say the series is like Harry Potter meets Stranger Things meets Lucifer, with all the things you love from each of those mixed together.

What makes it so good

The casting is AMAZING! This nuanced friendship between angel and demon is exquisitely portrayed by Michael Sheen and David Tennant. Their rapport is both sincere and hilarious, while the underlying tension in their relationship is highlighted so subtly that you will most likely miss it if you don’t know what to look out for.

Furthermore, Jon Hamm is cast as the archangel Gabriel, and he plays the part of the prissy angel so well that it will have you in stitches. Another great twist is that the narrator is God, and God is a woman…. Yes, let that sink in, God is a woman. Voiced by Frances McDormand, God’s omnipresent voice ties the entire narrative together expertly.

If you are into music and soundtracks, Good Omens won’t disappoint. Heading up the score is Grammy-winning film composer David Arnold. According to iNews the score is so nuanced that there’s a scene with a picture of Satan, at bar 66, where the musicians are playing to the tempo of exactly 66.6. If you are a Queen fan, you are also in luck! Crowley’s soundtrack is basically Queen’s greatest hits which will have you tapping your feet along.

Good Omens is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, also available in South Africa. For more information, have a look at our streaming services guide.

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