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The hipster topic has become a modernised concept with many definitions of the word. I have narrowed it down to this: anything that gives you a bit of edge and either makes you stand out between the masses or makes you fit right in with the cool kids. I bring you a gift guide for the ultimate ‘hipster’ traveller. 

November, the 25th, marks my two year anniversary since moving to the Western Cape. There are a few things that I realised are ‘must-haves’ when wanting to survive as an adventurer in this beautiful part of the country. With all the trends and fashions breathing down your neck, it can be hard to keep up and be trendy, and if you want to be relevant in the Western Cape, you have to be adventurous. And to be honest, it can do wonders for your soul to get out a bit. I have taken the liberty to enlighten those in their attempt to help someone with their ‘hipster’ edge.

The ‘wees reën’ cool kêppie

Reenwolf / Online, R 250

You can’t go on an adventure without the perfect kêppie to protect you against the sun, or to use it for no other reason than looking ‘hipster’’ and completing your look. The ‘Wees Reën’ cap from the Reenwolf collection is a must-have. Danie du Toit recently launched his clothing line and I love it! A while back I popped into his brand new store in Stellenbosch and said “Danie, I need something cool’’ – he immediately reached for the yellow cap, and the yellow is the perfect summer shade. This is an easy wearing cap and can be paired with just about any outfit and will definitely make an impression on the hipsters around you.


The ‘tropical’ camera strap

Lunar Straps / Online , R399

Let’s be honest, it’s all for the Gram. With technology evolving it has become a custom to own a decent camera. Although taking pictures has been made easy with smartphones, the true wanderer will still use a full DSLR camera. You need to take pictures and you obviously have to have a cool strap to dress your camera up with. Hook your friend up with a Lunar Strap.

Lunar is a proudly South African design company that specialises in unique and expressive products inspired by South African landscapes and culture. The Tropical strap is your best bet for complementing your outfit, and we cannot talk about being ‘hip’ in Cape Town without talking about the environment. Lunar recently moved to a more environmentally friendly option with webbing weave and dye-sublimation. This a double whammy – being hipster while giving a step back on your carbon footprint. You deserve a cup of coffee.


The ‘hipster’ coffee selection

Drum Loud Coffee / Drum Stellenbosch, R80

Coffee. A very important part of this article. Why, may you ask? Because if you want to be a true hipster in Cape Town, you need to be serious about your coffee. When going on an adventure, like an early morning hike or walk in the mountains, a good cup of coffee is imperative. The DRUM Signature Roast is a three-bean blend, artisanally assembled coffee, well-poised, and full in body, which makes it perfect for these types of adventures. The coffee is roasted by the Du Toit brothers in collaboration with Simple Bru Coffee Co in the ever beautiful Cape Town. If you love coffee as much as I do, this is something to write about.


The ‘poet’ explorer journal

Moleskine / Online, R250

I have found that it is so easy to forget the small details that really make your journey memorable. Thus, it is important to have a good journal on hand. For me, as a poet, my way of capturing memories is in the form of a poem. I have found that in the journalling community there is a passionate fervor for these Moleskine classic notebooks, and with good reason.

I’m on my third Moleskine notebook and this will most definitely not be my last. With the crazy year we had, it could be good to get a little quiet on your journey and jot down some good thoughts, things you are grateful for, happy memories, etc.


The ‘holy’ leather sandal

Redemption Leather / Wellington, R540

I am of strong belief that every person should own at least one pair of decent genuine leather shoes. For the last 8 years, these have been my favorite. This is the perfect gift for that friend that never gets out of their Converse. They are super comfy and are perfect for both winter and summer. They have been an easy go-to in the Capetonian crowds to make a statement. Just pair them with a pair of thick socks in the winter and you’re good to go. This, paired with the perfect cap, is an easy way to give your look a little hype.

redemption leather

These are easy gifts that can be little guilty pleasures and provide you with a sense of enlightenment. Although you can bring your own sense of style to the table, this is just an easy gift guide to point you in the right direction. Go shopping and become part of the ‘hipster’ revolution. 

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