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Every now and then a series or film rolls around that you just cannot get out of your head. The Undoing, which premieres on M-Net and Showmax today, is one of these and will have you chewing on the content, long after the episode has ended. Except for the fact that The Undoing tells a compelling story, it also stars Hugh Grant, Nicole Kidman, Edgar Ramírez, and Lily Rabe, making this limited series a must-watch with a star-studded cast.

So what’s it about?

If you spent any time on social media over the weekend, you would have seen everyone, from the cast to Kourtney Kardashian, speculating about who killed Elena Alves. And that, in essence, is what The Undoing is all about. It’s a whodunnit where one seemingly affluent upper-East side family’s secrets are revealed in the pursuit of this truth.

The series is reminiscent of the first season of Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects. There are loads of twists and turns and cliffhangers and ‘Oh my soul moments’. Every single character is under suspicion and the viewer soon realises that no one is who they seem and that no one can be trusted. Nicole Kidman gives a stellar performance, and even though she is often criticised for her emotionless performances, she shines as the naive psychologist Grace Frasier.

Worth the watch?

As with any HBO series, The Undoing already has a bit of a cult following, but also people that have found it to be lacking. Personally, I loved the fact that the trailer did not give a lot away and that one could go into this series not knowing what to expect. As always with HBO, the production value is extremely high; the sets are gorgeous, the costumes are gorgeous, and Nicole Kidman is so gorgeous it sometimes hurts just to look at her.

I never found the series to be predictable or boring, although I have seen some chatter online speaking towards this. The series is based on the novel, You should have known by Jean Hanff Korelitz, but the series greatly deviates from the novel’s plot after the first two episodes. Another element worth mentioning is the score which is mostly dramatic classical music, with loads of violin sounds played really loudly – this contributes to the narrative’s dramatic value and greatly amplifies the tension.

I highly recommend The Undoing which premieres on M-Net and Showmax today, but be warned to keep away from the internet as spoilers abound in this gripping whodunnit by HBO.


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