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Somehow it’s April already, which means it’s almost that wonderful time of the year where South Africans are blessed with five public holidays in the span of four weeks. Some of you savvy planners out there made use of your leave days to create a mini holiday for yourself. Unfortunately for some, this time of year we’re also usually blessed with buckets of rain during this time — we aren’t nicknamed the Cape of Storms for nothing!

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite things to do when the weather is bad below, whether you just want to stay home or venture out to the Winelands, Cape Town, or at home, we’ve got you covered!

Be One with Nature at Butterfly World, Stellenbosch, R49 – R88 pp


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Walk into the lush tropical gardens at Butterfly World Zoo and be greeted by the sound of running water, birdsong and free flying butterflies, while taking care not to step on the green tree iguana lying on the path. Contrary to what the name suggests, Butterfly World is not only a butterfly park, but indeed a sanctuary for exotic animals, a bird sanctuary, a place where reptiles gets the highly specialised care they should and a whole lot more.

Head over to their website for more info.

Play Board Games at Imperium Games, Somerset West


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I LOVE board games, and what better way to while away the time on a rainy afternoon than with a games day? Best of all, if you’re like my family and only own Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit — ours is the Afrikaans version from the 80s, so it’s almost impossible to get a single answer correct — you can head over to Imperium Games where you can play board to your heart’s desire. They offer board games night every Tuesday after 7pm, Infinity every Thursday from 7pm, and you can pop in for a game over the weekend! The owner is always keen to teach newcomers his favourite games, and you’ll definitely see me there if you go on a Tuesday! When you’re done playing, you can also shop around for a game to take home!

Head over to their website to find out more and shop for games.

Get Nostalgic at an Arcade


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For some, arcades bring back memories of wasting time after school or while your parents are shopping. When I think of arcades, I think of playing Spider Stompin’ Deluxe for hours on end after ice skating at Grand West. For some reason — probably the light violence and the fact that the spiders make a VERY satisfying squish when you stomp them — nothing could tear me away from this game. Relive whatever game it was you played for hours on end at an arcade near you the next time it’s raining! A new arcade recently opened up in Somerset Mall, Wonderland has arcades at N1 City Mall (remember the giant octopus?), Canal Walk and Stadium on Main in Claremont, while The Magic Company has an arcade in Grand West. Some smaller arcades are also popping up in shopping malls everywhere, so find your closest one and go win some sticky hand toys that pick up dust, a whistle that only works to irritate you, or whatever else your heart desires!

Get Boozy with a Wine or Beer Tasting

We here at 9Lives love our local wines and beers, so why not head out into the Winelands and do a wine tasting? Taking the Devon Valley Detour is the easiest way to explore some of our local wineries without having to think about where to go next, it’s all planned out in advance! If you want something to get your blood flowing, check out these wine farms with hiking trails, or pop in to some of these unique wine farms with interesting experiences. If you aren’t a wine-lover, go for some bubbly experiences or a craft beer tasting.

Have a Lavish Lunch

Holidays are for relaxing with family and friends, and what’s more relaxing than a lazy, lavish lunch you don’t have to prepare yourself? In my opinion, nothing beats that! Check out these Winelands lunch spots and book your table!

Fill your Bookshelf with Second-hand Treasures


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Everyone has a favourite bookstore (at least, I like to think so), so why not spend a rainy afternoon between the stacks looking for the next great adventure to fall into? If you don’t already have a favourite second-hand bookstore, try Protea Bookshop on Andringa Street or Verbatim Bookstore on Dorp Street in Stellenbosch. If you’re keen for a drive, head over to my absolute favourite bookstore EVER, Bikini Beach Books in Gordon’s Bay. The options are endless! Wander through your suburb or hop onto Google to find your new favourite book store.

If that still isn’t enough options for you, check out some free things to do in Stellenbosch, or check out our other articles for things to do in Cape Town and at home.


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