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There is truly nothing like driving through the Huguenot tunnel on your way to Robertson while playing your very own tunnel song (in my case it will always be something from Elle King). Add unfamiliar places to the mix along with new people, laughs, wine farms and good food, and cram it all into 48 hours. You’ll find that you’ve got a recipe for a great weekend escape. 

If you have a group of friends who are looking for an escape and who want to transform into weekend runaways, then these are the Robertson Wine Valley gems that you have to put on your list. (You can thank me by inviting me along haha) 

1. Hop on the Wine Valley Safari

The Wine Valley Safari will take you around the Robertson Wine Valley, so sit back and enjoy the iconic views as you drive through vineyards and experience the breathtaking mountains of the Robertson Wine Valley. The Wine Valley Safari is the best Uber you will get. You can have the full great escape with their hop on, hop off routes while breathing in the mountains through the open-air safari vehicle. 

2. Stay at the Zandvliet Enon Guesthouse

You’ll find the Enon Guesthouse at the Zandvliet Wine Estate, on the outskirts of the Enon hill in Ashton. This unique guesthouse is the perfect accommodation for a group of friends. With a perfect stoep overlooking the vineyards, stretching from one side of the house to the other, you can enjoy the cosy feeling of home while soaking in the sunset over the Zandvliet vineyards.

Robertson Valley Zandvliet Enon House

(Photo credits to the brilliant Dawid Botha Photography)

3. Attend the Splash Of Pink Bubbly Festival at Paul René

What better way to spend an afternoon than enjoying some bubbles? Paul René are responsible for one of SA’s most loved Methode Cap Classique and they celebrate all things bubbles by hosting the Splash Of Pink Bubbly Festival in November. Immerse yourself in beautiful scenes of nature. Sway to some live entertainment with a chilled glass of good bubbly in your hand!



4. Blend your own wine on the banks of Excelsior

As a weekend runaway it is important to keep in mind that you will have to greet the rumble of the city again soon, and that you need to treasure the memory of this great escape. Your very own blend of wine courtesy of the Excelsior Wine Estate is the best memorabilia to take back. Excelsior Estate offers beautiful views of the dam, the Langeberg Mountains and distant vineyards from its wooden deck. Just as you start to savour in all the beauty, the real fun happens… You start off the experience by tasting three delicious wines namely Excelsior Merlot, Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon and Excelsior Shiraz. After the sampling you will decide which combination of the three you like and then create your own blend! You will need to carefully measure out the percentages of wine before bottling. Then you can start with corking and sealing. Ending of with labeling your own unique blend.

Robertson Valley Excelsior Estate Wine Blending

(Photo credits to the brilliant Dawid Botha Photography)

I came back from my recent weekend-long runaway adventure feeling refreshed. All thanks to the Robertson air, having made new friends and ready to take on the rumble of the city once again. 



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