Regardless of how you actually feel about Valentine’s Day, you still want to appear like you’re excited to celebrate love. Whether it’s a date with the cutie you met at a bar a few months back, or a date with all the fellow ovaries in your life, you want to both feel good and look good! And, I can promise you that you won’t feel good in a sweater with hearts all over it, because let’s face it, the only person that looks good in such a sweater is Schalk Bezuidenhout.

I’m not much of a ‘follow-the-trends’ kind of girl and some people may describe my style as a bit weird, but at first glance anyone can see exactly who I am based on what I’m wearing. I suppose that’s a good thing for that love at first sight moment, even if I don’t expect it this Valentine’s Day.

Get the look:

Hat: Almost Famous

Dress: Cotton on

Clutch bag: Wanderlust Leather

Shoes: Redemption

Love is in the air! And, even though I’m not going on a smoking hot date with the cutie I’ve met at the bar, I’m still painting the town red in my unique outfit!

Share your Valentine’s Day outfits with us!


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