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Since the beginning of time, women have applied a bit of colour to their lips and conquered the world. This week at 9Lives we applied our favourite lipstick brands in colours that left us feeling confident AF. Take a look at our most kissable moments in this week’s beauty round-up:


Chanel Rouge Coco Flash


I have to admit that I am new to the lipstick scene and therefore I try and stick to the nudes. When the team spread the lipsticks out on the table for us to try, I was immediately reminded of that iconic scene in Mad Men Season 1 where Peggy and the other Sterling Cooper girls try out their favourite Belle Jolie lipsticks. I decided to try out the number 54 Boy from Chanel and I, first of all, loved the beautiful colour that complimented my fairer winter complex. It also didn’t dry out my lips, because of the light formulation that contains Chanel’s signature Hydraboost complex. And lastly, I had a beautiful shine on my lips the entire day, while channeling my inner Peggy!


Max Factor X Matte Velvet Lipstick

R155.95, selected Clicks stores

Before today, you’d never really catch me wearing lipstick (or any make-up really), because I prefer a more natural look. But since I found the Max Factor X Matte lipstick, that’s changed! This is the first matte lipstick I’ve tried that isn’t tacky and that doesn’t dry my lips out — making it much easier for me to wear day to day. The Sunkiss colour is also quite natural, just adding a slight pop of colour to an otherwise dreary day! I understand now why people wear lipstick; I instantly felt more confident and dressed up than before. I think I’m a convert, you might catch me in the streets of Stellenbosch with ‘sunkissed’ lips now.


YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats


When the team spread out the lipsticks, I didn’t have much of a choice and the YSL number 221 Rose Ink was handed to me only because I’m the one with the most guts to try the hot pink lipstick! I applied the only-Legally-Blonde-can-pull-off- this-lipstick and went on with my day. After a few cups of coffee, lunch and a trip to the hair salon, my lips still looked as though I had just applied lipstick! I forgot about even wearing lipstick on until Elené asked me if I had applied some more, and that’s when I realized that my lips were still smooth, full of colour and radiant!


Sisley Paris Phyto-lip Twist Mat


I believe a bright, dark red lipstick can make any outfit pop. On the days when I feel like dressing plain and comfy, I just add a nice lipstick, and it makes me feel much better about myself and my outfit. This Sisley Paris Nr 22 is exactly the first lipstick I grab when I need to add something to my outfit. If I moisturise my lips well enough beforehand, I only need to touch up my lips once or maybe twice a day. This Sisley surely earn the name Lipstick.


Lancôme Matt Shaker Kiss Me Cherie 


Like most of the women in the office, I don’t wear lipstick often. This meant that instead of reaching for a tranditional lipstick, I went with a lip stain instead.  Despite this, instead of going for a more muted or nude shade, I opted for a colour that was definitely a little bolder, and I was actually happy to have a pout that stood out in a crowd. What I loved about the Lancôme Matt Shaker shade 374 was the fact that it isn’t sticky and it doesn’t feel thick like a normal lipstick. It lasts for absolute hours, and it dries fast. What I would recommend, though, is using a lip-liner with this stain as I found that it tended to bleed slightly into the little lines around my lips after a a few hours.


If you have a lipstick that’s got you smiling all day long, let us know in the comments below!


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