Anti-Anxiety - Five useful tips to help ease your stress.
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As someone who is constantly experiencing anxiety of some sort, at some level, I’m always eager to try out some tips and tricks to ease the stress.

Anxiety is not something that will easily disappear but there are a lot of habits that can help those nerves relax a ‘lil. For me it’s about incorporating these in my life and paying attention to what thoughts are causing me to have anxious feelings.

These are a five tips I’ve read or tried along the way, in a nutshell:

1. Exercise

Even if it’s only 30 minutes a day, exercise can be a great way to reduce stress and get your mind to a clearer space.  Whether it be yoga or a quick jog, you’re sure to feel less anxious afterwards. Research has proven exercise to be an effective manner of improving your mental health and can even create new brain cells. Follow this link for a list of exercises that are best for anxiety.

Try making it a habit to do 30 minutes of yoga/cardio every morning or evening to help your body recognise this as a time of reloading.

2. Breathing

Sometimes taking a moment for a few deep breaths to calm yourself down can be extremely helpful. Our lives can be such a rush that we actually forget to just breathe.

I struggle with falling asleep at night and there’s a lot of cool apps that can help you breathe and relax. Read about a useful breathing exercise and breathing app here.

3. Focusing on your thoughts

I think one of the more important habits to start reducing stress in your life is to pay attention to what you are thinking. We constantly have thought processes going through our minds and it can sometimes be very negative without us even realising.

Anxious thoughts usually come from worrying too much about the future – so it’s important to try and focus on the immediate situation and what you can do about it now. This has helped me a lot as I’m prone to overthinking and getting overwhelmed in the process.

Research shows that overthinking or fast repetitive thinking can drain your energy and create a loop in your brain that van be difficult to escape. This is an insightful article about racing thoughts and a few ways to calm your mind by trying to control these thoughts.

4. Eating healthily

I’ve read that the food we eat can have an impact on our anxiety levels – some can have a calming effect on our bodies while other can cause anxiety. Following a balanced diet can be important to keep the anxiety balance internally.

This can be worth researching and seeing what effect certain foods have on your anxiety levels. Coffee and alcohol for instance can spark stress, which is why I try to limit my coffee intake to about two cups a day (instead of the five I wish I was having).

Foods high in zinc and probiotics are said to have a lowering effect on anxiety levels so try incorporating some cashews and sauerkraut into your diet. Follow this link to read about modifications that can be made to your diet with nutritious foods.

5. Sleep

I love sleeping so this is probably my favourite tip. When I don’t get enough sleep I feel more anxious about my day when waking up. Getting around 7-9 hours of sleep is important for our bodies to reload and find new energy.

These are a few things that have helped me lessen my anxiety (most of the time). What has helped you cope with your stress? Share your tips in the comments section below!


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