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Raise a toast to the beer that focuses on eliminating and raising awareness of food waste! For every 3 000 litres of beer that is produced, 250 kg of bread that would otherwise have been dumped, is utilised.

The story

The project was launched in the UK in 2016 by British food waste expert, Tristram Stuart. Influenced by the Brussels Beer Project, creators of “Babylone Beer” that made use of surplus bread to create their brew, Stuart joined forces with celebrity chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver to produce a socially responsible beer.

Toast Ale in South Africa

In South Africa, Toast Ale is run by Bianca Hansen and Jaen Beelders, with the support of Knead Bakery and Devil’s Peak Brewing Company. The surplus bread, that would otherwise have gone to waste, is provided by Knead Bakery, which effectively replaces one-third of the raw ingredients, while the beer is brewed by Devil’s Peak Brewing Company.

Since the bread has already gone through the baking process, the sugars in the bread are broken down faster and results in a beer that is lower in carbs. With only 150 calories per beer, compared to 220 calories found in a normal craft beer, Toast’s Pale Ale is currently the only low-carb craft beer in South Africa.

Social responsibility

All profits from Toast’s sales goes to Soil for Life, a non-profit organisation that provides a year-long training programme to underprivileged South Africans. The NPO focuses on educating people on how to grow organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly food.

Where is it stocked?

This light and refreshing ale is described as having notes of caramel and citrus, and definitely calls for a taste. Toast Ale is available at the Biggest Little Beer Shop in Willowbridge, Norman Goodfellows in Gardens, GetWine in Claremont, or online at Yuppiechef. If you’d like it with a meal, visit any Knead Bakery or Hudsons Burger Joint, both of which are supporters of the Toast initiative.

So, are you ready to raise a Toast? Let us know in the comments.

Photos by Kyle Schophaus


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