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With the summer holidays around the corner (yes please! I’m soooo ready) it’s time to start dreaming of the boho-inspired outfits, loose kaftans draped over bikini bodies (eeeek!) and loose mermaid hair catching in the light breeze.

There are three looks from the New York Fashion Week Runways that I’m particularly excited to try out. TRESemmé worked backstage at Charles Youssef, Jason Wu and Misha Nonoo (to name just a few) and shared step-by-step guides to creating the styles at home.


The Twisted Half Bun from Charles Yousseff

A half-bun looks casual yet stylish with a soft, bohemian feel.

Charles Yousseff

Step 1: Start with clean hair. For light, airy hair you can try the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash system, where you condition first and then shampoo. I chat a bit more about this range below.

Step 2: Apply a small amount of mousse to the roots, comb through to distribute the product, and rough-dry to enhance your natural texture.

Step 3: Part your hair in the centre and pull out one inch sections of hair from ear to ear along the hairline. Pull the rest of your hair into a low pony for now to keep it out of the way.

Step 4: Twist the loose hair (from the centre part to the ear) backwards towards the low pony. Once you are half-way through the twist, split hair into two sections and twist the strands around each other. Pin in place and repeat on the opposite side.

Step 5: Once hair is pulled back, twist the two pulled back sections around each other to create a wide, flat bun.

Step 6: Release the low pony and a coin-size amount of TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Hair Maximiser; work it through hair with your finger tips to encourage natural waves. If you don’t have naturally wavy hair you can try twisting your hair up while it dries, or wrap it around a curling tong for a few seconds for loose waves.

Step 7: Finish the look with a spritz of hairspray to tame flyaways and keep it all in place.

Tip: “Spray your finger tips with hairspray and run through the hair, to help bring in any flyaways and achieve a more natural polished look.” – Orlando Pita, New York Fashion Week Ambassador for TRESemmé

The Slicked Back Wave at Jason Wu

I can just picture this for an evening out at some glitzy beach bar in Cape Town.

Jason Wu
Jason Wu

Step 1: Start with clean hair. Apply mousse from the roots to the tips and comb through to distribute the product.

Step 2: Use a round brush to and blow-dry the hair to give it natural body. Try flipping your head upside down when you’re drying.

Step 3: Part hair in half and tie the top layer in a pony tail to keep it out of the way.

Separate sections of hair from the bottom half of hair and use a barrel tong to curl it. You can also use your straightener: twist the section of hair and then clamp down the twist with your straightening iron.

Continue with the rest of your hair, then release the top pony tail and repeat the process.

Step 4: Spray the hair with a generous amount of TRESemmé Firm Hold Hairspray and use a wide tooth comb to pull hair back for a sleek, wet look. Angle the comb to a slightly to one side to add extra detailing and subtle lift at the roots.

Tip: “Spray a soft bristle brush with hairspray to pull in all the stray hairs for a neat polished finish.” – Orlando Pita, New York Fashion Week Ambassador for TRESemmé

The Personalised Wave from Monse

This style has an effortless charm that I find completely mesmerizing.


Step 1: Start with clean hair. Apply a coin size amount of TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Hair Maximiser from root to tip, working through the hair in small sections. Blow dry on a low heat, running your fingers through your hair as you go to enhance your individual texture.

Step 2: Separate hair into large sections and curl each one with a 1-inch barrel tong, holding the tongs loosely for a soft wave. Repeat this process on all sections.

Step 3: Create a soft centre part and lightly comb the hair with a soft bristle brush. Be careful not to break up the hair too much, but create some lift at the roots. Finish with a light spray of TRESemmé Firm Hold Hairspray.

I’ve been trying the Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash System

Old habits die hard, which is why I’ve been eyeing the new reverse-wash system from TRESemmé with a skeptical eye for a while now. Finally curiousity won me over, however, and I’m happy I finally budged.

If you struggle with fine, limp hair you probably avoid conditioners and any styling products for fear of weighing down the little body you get from a fresh wash. That’s what makes the Beauty-Full volume range kind of brilliant. By conditioning first and then shampooing, you remove any excess weight that drags you down.


I thought my hair would be dry and tangled after the wash but I was pleasantly surprised to find it super manageable and soft. I then applied the Beauty-Full Volume Mousse to damp hair, combed through and blow-dried. I loved the fact that my hair got plenty of body without that hard, crunchy feel you often get from a hair mousse.

Once dry I used my curling tong to create some loose curls and then brushed it out in a backwards motion following the flow of the curls. It was like POW! BIG Hair! (Cue 80s music BIG!). But seriously, I got light, flowy, soft hair and so much volume that actually lasted me all day. So impressed.




The TRESemme Beauty-Full volume shampoo and conditioner retail for R96,99 each, the Beauty-Full Volume Hair Maximiser goes for around R85,99 and the Beauty-Full Volume Mousse costs R79,99.

What’s your favourite style for summer? Pop your comments down below, I would love to hear from you.

This post has been sponsored by TRESemmé.


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