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We’re all about out with the old and in with the pre-loved items. While I’m new to the world of online vintage shopping, Nina and Isabel-Marié are frequently visiting their favourite online vintage shops. If you’re looking to turn back time with stylish and quality pre-loved items, here are our top places to shop:



I’ve always believed that there were two kinds of people in the world; those who shop online and those who don’t. I formed part of the latter. My opinion, however, quickly changed after lockdown and since I discovered Instagram accounts selling vintage clothes online.

I was scrolling through Facebook the one day when I came across a post by Lootsin, an online store that sells “bespoke vintage apparel”, featuring their latest jacket- and coat finds. There was one jacket in particular that caught my eye and subsequently led me to their website. I added the jacket to my cart and debated whether this was a smart choice to make. I had never bought clothes online prior to this and before I knew it my fear outweighed my reason, so I chickened out.

Later that same night, while scrolling through Instagram there it was again, the jacket I so badly wanted. While on the website for the second time that day, I decided to go for it and bought the jacket.

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and less terrifying the entire process was than I had anticipated. I paid for the jacket quickly and easily and before I knew it my package arrived within 4 days right to my doorstep. With much excitement, I opened the nicely packaged jacket and was pleased to see that despite its pre-loved nature, it was still in perfect condition. I also appreciated the fact that there was no need to sign for anything. The courier company simply took a photo of me with the package and sent me a confirmation SMS.

I cannot wait to find more vintage clothes to buy online and I have Lootsin to thank for that! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy company selling quality pre-loved items online and especially if it’s your first time as well.


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When I first started the Thrifting and Thriving series, I was geared towards sharing my favourite thrift locales on a weekly basis, but then Corona happened and my second-hand scouting was put on hold for a while. Luckily, my two favourite online “stores” kept the addiction going and I could happily swipe through and have the added bonus of waiting for that special delivery once some of the bans lifted.

Bicycle Girl Clothing

I religiously keep an eye on Bicycle Girl Clothing’s Instagram-page since I know that in each upload, there will definitely be something that catches my eye. The founder and owner, Lumé, has an effortlessly classy and chic style that 100% matches my own.

This page has grown quite significantly in popularity and buying happens on a first come first serve basis, with certain pieces being uploaded as bidding items. Delivery or pick-up is effortless with postage going for R70 a purchase and pick-ups in Stellenbosch absolutely free! I suggest turning on the notifications for when she posts so that you can have a fighting chance of claiming an upload since things sell out FAST.


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SOLD TO @_ninafouche 😩100% silk button down in sand colour😍😍😍😍 size small. Selling for R150 🦦

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A recent favourite purchase was a beautifully soft and delicate silk blouse that cinches at the wrist – it feels extremely soft against my skin and I love that it can be dressed up or down. Besides this blouse, I have also bought Zara denims, vintage high-waisted Woolworths shorts, and a range of other versatile peaces.

Check out her page and be ready to comment within a minute of posting to secure your next favourite piece.

Retro Panda

Retro Panda has been around for a while and I remember discovering them when I first got hooked on second-hand and vintage buying. There are usually weekly stock drops on their Facebook-page with items being put up for bid in a 2-hour period. They focus on retro finds (hence the name), more so than on vintage pieces but there has been a few times where a truly unique vintage piece was up for bid. If your wardrobe is suited to the 70s or 80s, then Retro Panda will be like Narnia’s closet; full of discoveries and treasures.

Payment and delivery is effortless, with free delivery in Stellenbosch and surrounds. The Retro Panda team is incredibly sweet and it is clear to see that they are very committed to scouting and delivering only the most unique pieces. My favourite, and quite unexpected purchase, was a navy blue, high-waisted circle skirt. It is made from a very sturdy material and therefore translates well with my winter wardrobe. Other exciting things to look out for on their page are one-of-a-kind pairs of vintage mom jeans, quirky sweaters and oversized t-shirts.


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Swipe to see the other member of Retro Panda working hard in quality control. We think he deserves a promotion 📚

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In my second year of varsity at the beautiful Potchefstroom campus, I was pulling up to our annual dance with my 4 best friends all cooped up in a green, Volkswagen that we named Groentrui. As we made our way to our table (even at varsity I was always stationed at Table 19) we sat down and we realised that a girl wore the same dress as one of my friends. Just there I decided that I never want to look like the next girl and that is where my thrifting journey started. I’m a firm believer that your clothes are a true representation of who you are and with only one glance you can sum up a person’s entire personality. So out with all the trends, and in with flower-printed blazers, oversized jerseys and something that looks like the curtains in your gran’s home.

Here is where I shop for the little gems that you will find in my closet:

Vintage Thrift Hub

I came across Vintage Thrift Hub in the search for something to wear to a wedding and my sister mentioned this little online shop. You are in for some serious vintage style when you vist Vintage Thrift Hub! They have collections full of pantsuits. And I’m obsessed with a pantsuit. Think of Miranda from Sex and the City and that is what you will see on their website. Pantsuits in different colours and styles. From head to toe you can dress it up or dress it down. You have the option to only go with the blazer or the pant, but in my case BOTH.

And the best part of snooping on Vintage Thrift Hub… Shoulder pads for days! I’m a strong believer that any day is a shoulder pad kinda day.

With just a click of a button you can transform into each character of Sex and the City with Vintage Thrift Hub.

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Founded Clothing Company

Founded Clothing Company is a secondhand store for the adventurer. You can definitely have your own unique sense of style with a founded find on your back! The main reason why I support Founded is that they are strong believers in sustainability and community building. When you buy clothes on their online store, some of the proceedings go to uplifting our communities. With a little handwritten note with your delivery, they tell you where they will contribute with the purchase you made. Making the world a better place, one secondhand shirt at a time!

I found my all time favourite bottle green blazer in 2018 on the Founded website and if you have never seen me in my bottle green blazer, we probably don’t hang out at all.


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