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My whole life I looked at music with a very biased pair of glasses on. Only one genre mattered to me and that was rock & roll. I don’t know if it was because of the house I grew up in or if it was because I believed  that I would be the next Karen Zoid. 

I only recently broadened my horizons and started listening to other types of music. This included EDM (“Oentsie Oentsie”, music was what I called it in my varsity days).

I exchanged my rock and roll glasses for rose coloured ones and the exploration began. As I embarked on this new music journey, it got me thinking about music as a coping mechanism. When you feel sad, you listen to music and it somehow heals you. When you feel happy, you dance the night away. And no matter the genre, music helps everyone cope in some way or another. 

With that being said, after a rough couple of days, I couldn’t wait for the music of my newfound love to help me let loose for a night. That is how I ended up dancing at my new coping mechanism – Ultra South Africa 2020.

Ultra South Africa 2020

The music love language

What stood out the most for me about Ultra South Africa 2020, is the feeling of community you experience in front of that stage. People from all types of backgrounds, lovers of different music genres, and groups with many different age gaps unite in front of the main stage in anticipation for Black Coffee. What better way to start a night filled with music than with the futuristic, Afro-techy sound of this electronic DJ.

I love the music of Black Coffee because his electronic music is universal. His music overcame barriers, and it became evident that even when we don’t understand it, we can fall deeply in love with rhythm or beat. You don’t have to understand music to feel music through your bones.

Collection of genres

Next up was the Return Of Dash Berlin. This electronic dance music DJ got the crowd wild and showed us that EDM music is more than just one genre of music, but rather a collective of genres put together. Several remixes got the Ultranouts dancing under the lights. With the Return Of Dash Berlin, it proved yet again how different songs all over the world have the same aspects to bonding people together. 

Ultra South Africa uniting strangers

During  Steve Aoki and Afrojack’s sets, one could immediately see how strangers began to interact and connect with one another from the first beat of a great song. The event production was jaw-dropping and united the groups of Ultra even more, one rhythm at a time. 

Steve Aoki - Ultra South Africa

There is a quote I live by that goes something like this:

“Music is not a universal language, music lets us connect without a language.”

With that and Afrojack still in my mind, I knew that music is a language that the entire world can understand and Ultra 2020 unites the world.

So from one wannabe Karen Zoid to another – if you want to give electronic music a chance, then Ultra South Africa is the perfect getaway for an adventure of a lifetime.

Photo courtesy of Rudgr & Rukes.


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  1. I found you!

    Haha I know that’s weird, but I somehow remembered the 9 lives and connected it to the girl who passed by my friend and asked if she could take our picture at Ultra 2020, who I am so sure is you!
    I hope that there’s a possibility you still have the picture.

    Love and Light

    • Isabel-Marie Weerheim Reply

      Hi Ashleigh. Yay, so glad you found me! Keep an eye on your emails!

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