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I want to start this article by stating that no game can ever be as cool as bad-guy Joburg dudes, on a mountain in the middle of the sea, protecting pirate treasure, singing ‘My Suikerbos ek wil jou hê!’


When it comes to the rest of the game, I can completely agree with the rest of the internet who gave it a 5/5 (Takealot) 93% (Metacritic) 97% (Google users). Uncharted 4 leaves you feeling the way you do after reading a good book: Excited and accomplished for finishing the challenge, but sad because you cannot play in their world any longer.

My wife and I spent two weekends playing the game. Not very intensely either, so in total you need only a few solid hours to get through it. The relatively short playtime is completely made up in the fact that the story is engrossing and fun for both the player and the observer.

The gameplay was easy to get into, with intuitive motions, and a very slick movement system which meant I didn’t get frustrated trying to do one thing while the character did something else. I have found this to be very frustrating in games like Witcher and Assassin’s Creed. The movement in the game between cutscenes and action was also very fluid, which forced me to focus even in the cutscenes, because I never knew when I would need to take back control.

The storyline in Uncharted 4 dips between the relationship between the two brothers, the protagonist, Drake and his older brother, Sam. The story revolves around their hunt for the pirate captain, Henry Avery’s, lost treasure. Drake’s wife, Elena, and his business partner, Sully, also play a big role in the game and add a lot of texture to the story.

What I enjoyed about the characters is how relatable they are, from the way they are portrayed outside of their treasure hunting worlds, to when they are in the throes of battle. Sam and Drake often make comical remarks when things are going tough, which makes the very bizarre world they are in feel more comfortable. This humanity, which the developers Naughty Dog managed to capture, is extremely welcome, especially when compared to Deus Ex’s JC Denton, a complete a-hole with outfit to match.

As an action-adventure fan I naturally loved the puzzles and riddles that you find every now and then. I was a bit disappointed that I never felt the urge to Google for a walkthrough to help me get past a tricky part, but the game is for all ages and focuses more on the action, which it does very well.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Uncharted 4 to anyone that enjoys a fun game that has become a genre-defining title.

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