Over the last few weeks, I have gotten up close and personal with three new men’s grooming products; the new Esse Refining Cleanser, Cowshed Bullocks Smooth Shaving Cream and Theravine’s Anti – Wrinkle Night Cream. The reason for these, I can only guess, has something to do with my colleagues in the office clearly viewing my unshaven wrinkled face as a project that needs attention (JK).

The products are all very neutral in appearance, something I have come to expect when it comes to men’s products. Where the ladies wear bold colours and have exciting, bright products, we men have to be happy with mostly neutral, safe designs and clothes. So we all suffer for our genders. Aside from the packaging, the general feel of the products were good. The Theravine tube was the easiest to use, whereas the Esse Cleanser was a bit a challenge: I think they forgot that large hands in showers struggle to depress nozzles, so I nearly dropped the Esse cleanser a few times, but I do like the fact that I can only take one or two presses and get the amount I need. I often take way more than is needed when the tube is free-flowing, which is very wasteful and frustrating.

The products themselves I found to be very good. The Cowshed (R298 for 100ml) shaving cream does not work like a traditional Gillette shaving cream that really foams up and takes over your entire face, it is very gentle, and feels more like a moisturiser than a shaving cream. Once applied, the shave was very smooth, and I have not had a rash or other breakout after using it. Taking a glance at the website made me wonder if it has something to do with the hempseed oil they use in the product, either way, it works for me.

After shaving I usually jumped in the shower, FYI – that’s where the washing happens, and rinsed off the shaving cream (because it does not foam as much, it’s easier to wash off). The Esse Refining Cleanser  (R255 for 100ml) was a great companion to the Cowshed Bullocks Smooth Shaving Cream, because it is very nourishing and leaves your skin feeling moisturised instead of dried out, like many other face-washes. The bentonite clay they use in the wash has fine particles which helps to gently exfoliate while cleansing.

After my shave and wash, I applied the Theravine night cream (R449, 50ml). The cream is quite amazing in that it covers my neck and face with just one pea-sized push, which means it should last quite long. The cream is very rich, which I like, and after shaving and washing my face, I want something that will ensure I have enough moisture in my skin so it does not start to flake or get a rash from shaving, and this product does. I can’t say much about the anti-wrinkle part of it though, but I did feel that my skin was very healthy. According the their website, ” the lotion contains peptides and proteins to effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles.”

My view is that if you are looking to use something that is not your everyday run of the mill products, for whichever reason, then I would recommend these products. Your routine at night could use a few more steps, and taking care of your skin is an investment you will never need to question. All in all, I am happy I tried these, and I hope my colleagues are pleased with themselves.


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