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Villains Old Ale House opened on Hout Street in the Cape Town CBD this past December, bringing together the talents of top names in the local food scene. Running the show is Reg MacDonald of The Village Idiot and Aces ‘n Spades, Gavin Hagger of Jerry’s Burger Bar, and Jason Lilley of Jason Bakery and Bardough, which means you have pretty much every reason to head there straight after work to drink one (or a few) of their craft beers.

I visited them for the first time this past week, joining a media event by I Love Foodies. I was instantly charmed by the Old English Tavern-atmosphere and the large domed windows that allowed the vibrance of Green Market Square to spill into the old-timey interior.

Villains Ale House offers 16 different local craft ales that go very well with their selection of pub fair. I can definitely recommend their biltong and droë wors, as well as the cheesy hotdogs, and the ribs and wings are also worth a try.

An awesome deal they’re running at the moment is a beer tasting tray with 4 very generous tasting options of your choice for only R90. When we were there they were also doing a beer tasting with Citizen where you could taste the range for free. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for similar events happening through the week.

There was also a live musician playing on the night, from about 7pm onward. It was a cool vibe but it did mean we were shouting at each other across the table – not exactly ideal if you’re there to catch up with friends after work. Hopefully they can figure out the acoustics. In the meantime I would recommend a seat outside or far from the speakers. (I might also just be old, cough cough).

I also recommend you take an uber when you go. You’re not likely to find parking close by, plus that way you can drink guilt free.

Overall I think this is a really fun new spot and I’ll definitely be heading back there.  You can read more about them here.



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  1. Some gorgeous piccies there. And now all I want is more of their biltong.

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