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Whether a hobby or just a way of spending a bit less, there has been a lot of hype around shopping vintage lately. With trends from earlier times reappearing, it can be a fun way to pick up those truly unique pieces that might struggle to find in regular retailers.

It could also be a more ethical and conscious decision to circulate clothing instead of only supporting big-scale manufacturers. With a quick Google search, you’ll find that around 1 133 980 925 kg (yup, over 1 billion kg) of used clothing ends up in landfills each year and that around 2 650 litres of water is used to make a single T-shirt.

Apart from that, vintage clothes seem to generally be of higher quality and a bit cheaper, so the extra time searching for a keeper may be worthwhile.

For an easy, everyday go-to look, try pairing vintage items with high quality, modern finds. This is very popular among vintage lovers and a great way to develop a distinctive personal style while staying true to your budget.

These are a few great vintage shops in Cape Town and surrounds

Almost Famous


This small shop recently opened right across from Trumpet Tree in Dorp Street, Stellenbosch. They have a selection of new and vintage items that include catchy T-shirts, vintage knits and oversized jackets, as well as cool full-costumes and retro sunglasses.


If you’re looking for vintage wear that looks the part, you’ll love Babette. They have real vintage garments, as well as new vintage-inspired designs. Their bohemian-styled midi-dresses or trendy jumpsuits make for an effortless yet classy outfit, when paired with their leather sandals.

Afraid of Mice

This isn’t your everyday second-hand shop. For those looking to buy vintage designer items, Afraid of Mice has brand names like Fendi, Michael Kors, Cavalli and Tommy Hilfiger.

Taking a quick stroll through their shop in Long Street, Cape Town, it’s clear that these items were too beautiful not to have a second life.

Bicycle Girl

Not a shop, but worth considering is Bicycle Girl’s second hand clothing. Sort of like a tiny online shop, you can view the items on their Instagram page, which I actually prefer.

Ranging from vintage jerseys to cute tops and dresses, there’s a lot of beautiful pieces that would easily fit into your wardrobe.


Founded has a lot of trendy, cute items that include pieces like old-school windbreaker jackets and furry coats. Follow them on Instagram to stay updated on the events they will be selling at.

Second Time Around

With feathery hats, silky scarves and Christmassy knits, Second Time Around is based in Long Street, Cape Town. They have an online Etsy shop too if you live further away. Scroll through their Instagram – I saw a lot of beautiful, unique pieces.

Apart from vintage shops, we have quite a few cool vintage markets happening in the area – pop in at the Trumpet Tree Vintage Market in Stellenbosch, on the last Thursday of the month or the Truth Market in Cape Town on the first Wednesday of every month.

What are your favourite thrifting spots or markets? Tell us in the comment section below.


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